Apr 26, 2009

Gangster Barney- Hella Funny

Flower Maker

I'm not really into flowers but this is a cool way to create them online you can create them from scratch or start with a template its really something cool so check it out.

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Do Ink.com

This is great for people who create animation. You can create,discover, and share your custom animation if you can create it. For me it seems impossible to do some of the things that these people do since i cant create or draw a thing. But seeing other peoples work really amazes me so it might just interest you as well so check it out.

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Pixazza - Home

This is a great way to sell stuff that you can see in pictures if you don't know what i mean the go to the website and watch the demo and it will all make sense its really a great idea for people who sell stuff online. The link is below so click on it.

Pixazza - Home

Image Spark

This is a great website that lets you save pictures from around the web lets you tag them and keep them organized. You can also go to their site and add more photos to your stuff and create great looking groups of photos. The slogan they got going on is discover, share, tag and converge images that inspire you and your work which is exactly what they let you do so check it out the link is below

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Apr 19, 2009

Deep Zoom Pics

This is cool website that allows you to do some deep zooming to your pics and have a lot viewed at one time its a really cool thing from Microsoft and if you go to the site they give you a demo.


DeepZoomPix Logo

Apr 13, 2009

Its Been A While

Damn its been while since I have posted anything on here but one day when I have a desk or somewhere to sit down I will start again. I have recently moved to Arizona and I have to get online in a lobby so its not the best place to want to sit and start blogging. I just thought I would write that since my blog looked a little dry.