Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well 2011 has come and gone and now we have 2012 to look forward too. My hopes for 2012 are to just make it a whole more exciting and interesting then the last one. So Happy New Years to everyone.

Random Photo of The Day

Dec 12, 2011

UNDRCRWN x Upper Playground Mr. Wonderful Tee

Price - $28
UNDRCRWN x Upper Playground have teamed up and released a limited edition artist collection that includes this Mr. Wonderful tee. It's cool and its an easy way to let people know your wonderful. Head on over to UNDRCRWN for more details.

Source- Cool Material

Capo 5 Panel Snapback by Acapulco Gold

Price -$35
This is a nice snapback hat from Acapulco Gold that was just recently released. You can check out these hats and the rest of the Holiday releases over at Acapulco Gold.

Random Photo of The Day

Lil Rue - Push It [Video]

BEST Letterman Jacket from Breezy Excursion

Price - $180
Breezy Excursion has released their varsity style jacket. I like that they kept the BEST theme going and its cool and simple. It's available now so head over to Breezy Excursion for more details.

Dec 10, 2011

Timex T2N650KW Weekender Strap Watch

Price - $30
Timex has made a cool and affordable watch that would be perfect for an everyday watch. They come in a few different colors which you can see over at Amazon. The black, grey, and red/grey are my favorites.

Source- Put This On

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

The latest release from BMW is their answer to the A7 and CLS. Nicely done and released in three different models, a 3.0L 315 hp Twin Turbo V6, a 4.4L 415 hp Twin Turbo V8, and an all wheel drive with the same V8. My dream would be the M5 but this 6 series looks bigger and being over 6 feet that really counts. For now its just another car added to my dream list.

Source- Acquire

Dec 9, 2011

Random Photo of The Day

10 Deep Titans Varsity Jacket

PRICE - $165
Here is a decent varsity style jacket from 10 Deep. Its not bad for the price, but I prefer varsity jackets made of wool. But still a nice job and I would definitely wear it. It's available right now at 10 Deep.

Behind the Scenes:@ BENTLEY MOTORS

Source - Cool Hunting 

Uniform Experiment Pea Coat

Price - $1452
Uniform Experiment is continuing with the navy theme especially with this pea coat. A bit pricey but very clean looking and from the picture it looks like it's made with quality in mind. It better be for what they are charging. You can get more details at Haven.

Dec 7, 2011

Winfield x New Era W Logo Hat

Price - $78
I would never in a million years think teal and pink would look cool on anything. But I have to admit this hat done by Winfield x New Era is pretty cool. It's available right now over at the Amazing Store.

Source - Strictly Fitteds

In Dot Portrait [Video]

Creativity at work in this video as a guy creates a portrait from a bunch of dots. Very interesting to see it on video and I would hate to of have been the person who had to count all of the dots. Check out the video above to see what I'm talking about.

Source - The Awesomer

Random Photo of The Day

Mac Miller - Blue Side Park [Download Here]

01. English Lane
02. Blue Slide Park
03. Party On Fifth Ave
04. PA Nights
05. Frick Park Market
06. Smile Back
07. Under The Weather
08. Of The Soul
09. My Team
10. Up All Night
11. Loitering Album Only
12. Hole In My Pocket
13. Diamonds & Gold
14. Missed Calls
15. Man In The Hat
16. One Last Thing

Medicom Toy Zombie Mickey Mouse

Price- $40
Forty bucks for a toy sounds crazy but this is a cool Zombie version of Mickey Mouse. Of course it comes from the Runaway Brain video that was done a while back. Click on over to Caliroots for more information.

Dec 5, 2011

Knife Cufflinks

Price - $55
I don't own a set of cuff links and don't need to since I don't own a suit to wear them with. But these would be the ones I would want to wear if and when I needed to keep my cuffs together. Very coo idea and you never know when you will need to cut something or someone. These are available over at Cool Material

Masterpiece x New Era Hat

Price- $92
Masterpiece x New Era teamed up for more colorways of the Phillies Cigar inspired logo hats. This one is done in all red, but they are available in an all black, black/red, and woodland which is basically a camouflage print. Check them all out at ZOZO Town.

Random Photo of The Day

Sneaker Con - LA Winter 2011

If you are a sneaker lover then this would be the con for you to attend. On December 17, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in where else Los Angeles, CA you can check out, buy, sell, trade sneakers with others who feel the same way about their kicks as you do. The admission is $12 and lasts from 12PM-7PM.

Nike Vintage Nylon Blazer Hi

Price- $102
These are a clean version of the vintage Nike Blazer done in a clean red nylon material. They are also available in blue but I prefer the red as shown above. They are both available for pre-order right now over at End Clothing.

Source- Freshness Mag

Dec 1, 2011

Traxxas XO-1 - The World's Fastest Ready-To-Race Supercar. 100+mph top speed!

This is one fast remote control car, which can hit 100 mph. I thought they were showing a real car in the video above but its just a Traxxas remote control car. I don't know how easy it would be to control with a remote but it would be cool to try.

MLB x New Era Boston Red Sox 8 Panel Flip Fitted Hat

PRICE -$94
Since winter is here and its been a cold one so far this would be the perfect hat to keep your head and ears warm. Nicely done with the actual red sox with Boston inside and a warm flip for when the cold as weather sets in. These are available now at Rakuten.

Source - Strictly Fitteds

Nov 30, 2011

Money Stacks Duffle from Sprayground

Price - $60
This is a cool duffle bag from Sprayground, who also does a money stacks backpack which I had posted about in the past. You can order one now and they are scheduled to ship on December 7th. They are available here.


Nov 22, 2011

Undefeated x Converse Ballistic Capsule Black

Undefeated x Converse have done a black version for their very cool Ballistic Capsule. I previously liked the navy the best but black shoes are always easier to match your clothes with. These are definitely on the top of the list of shoes I would like to own and there is also a backpack that will be available as well.  They will be released on Nov. 25 at Undefeated stores and online as well.

Source-Shoe Buff

Rihanna - We Found Love [She's HOT]

Rihanna just keeps getting hotter and hotter and this video is one to watch if you want to see for yourself. .

Nov 17, 2011

Acapulco Gold OG Wool Baseball Jacket

This is a nice jacket that dropped with the latest Acapulco Gold line. Its available in burgundy and navy and they are both available now at Acapulco Gold.

Random Photo of The Day

Random Photo of The Day

Brezzy Excursion BEST Hoodie

The weather is cooling down and hoodies are a must have when its cold outside. Here is a cool one from Brezzy Excursion which you can check it out at Brezzy Excursion for more details.

Rebel Eight Slimer Tee

Price $28
The latest drop from Rebel 8 includes this Slimer Tee that is done nicely in the green writing and white tee. Its available at Rebel 8

Benny Gold Jansport Signature Series Backpack

Price -$80
Benny Gold has teamed up with JanSport, who has been making great backpacks for years.Together they released this backpack that is going to be limited to only 50 pieces. I tried to place one in a cart at the site and they didnt say out of stock so they may still be available. Head over to Benny Gold for more details.

Nov 9, 2011

Random Photo of The Day

Acropolis, “A Brand to Watch For”

Acropolis has teamed up with Detroit emcee/Burn Rubber co-owner Ro Spit and Taylormade Video Vision to bring you this video that's really worth checking out. You can head over to Acropolis if you would like to see more from them. And I think they really are a brand to follow since they have some cool stuff in their lineup and an actual good theme throughout the brand. Believe me you should check the out.

ASIMO - Honda's Humanoid

This is a cool video that shows what robots may be able to do in the future. Compared to the last ASIMO the new one moves a lot more like a human and can run forward and backward and even jump on one foot. I just thought it was interesting to see a human pour a cup of O.J. and if you do to check out the video above.

Nov 7, 2011

Noah Lambert Uni-Fold Wallet

Price- $90
This wallet is cool and its suppose to last you a lifetime. Its made with only a single piece of leather using onkly two seams. Made from 5oz. vegtable tanned bridle leather here in the USA. For more details head on over to Noah Lambert.

Source- Acquire

New Era Scripter 2 Orioles Snapback Hat

Price- $62
I know this is a ridiculous price for a snapback hat. But you got to admit its pretty cool. You may be able to Google it and find it for cheaper. I found it over at CaliRoots which is not in the U.S. so you may be able to find it somewhere else for cheaper, but check this one out by clicking the link in the line above.   

Random Photo of The Day

Drake - Take Care [2011]

01. Over My Dead Body
02. Shot For Me
03. Headlines
04. Crew Love Feat. The Weeknd
05. Take Care Feat. Rihanna
06. Marvin\'s Room, Buried Alive
07. Underground Kings
08. We\'ll Be Fine
09. Make Me Proud Feat. Nicki Minaj
10. Lord Knows Feat. Rick Ross
11. Cameras, Good Ones Go
12. Doing It Wrong Feat. Stevie Wonder
13. The Real Her Feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000
14. HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin\' Right) Feat. Lil Wayne
15. Look What You\'ve Done
16. Practice

Download Here

Supreme x Nike SB '94

Supreme x Nike have teamed up to release a new version of the Nike SB '94. Supreme did the designing and Nike did the engineering of the shoe which includes the Zoom Air Technology. Other features include a premium nubuck suede upper body with a gum rubber sole and foamposite heel cup. They will be available in the two colorways as shown in the picture above and will be available on November 10 online or at the NY, LA, and London Stores.

Hall of Fame x New Era H Lighting Hat

The latest drop from Hall of Fame includes these H Lighting Hats. They are done in the two colorways as shown in the picture above. Check out the black/gray or stone/navy over at the Hall of Fame site.

Source- New Era Cap Talk

Nov 5, 2011


Price- $152
I don't ever wear jewelry but this is a cool ring.Its hand made, black silver, made in France and limited edition. So get one while you can here.

Source- Fresh N Good 

Nov 2, 2011

XLARGE x 430 BMXer Varsity Jacket

Price- $495
Another varsity jacket from XLARGE this time teaming up with 430 on the BMXer. I like both colors and hate the price. But this is what you can expect from XLARGE. These are available at Calif .

Random Photo of The Day

Magic 8 Ball Pen

Price - $7
If you like making your decisions based on the magic 8 ball or you just like it for fun then this would be a pen for you. It features sayings like: Not For A Million Dollars; Dude, No Way; Hell Yeah! If You're Lucky; It's Unclear, Ask Again; Without A Doubt. If you want to grab one for you or someone you know head over to Spoon Sisters.

Source- Incredible Things

Converse All Star Chuch Taylor Collar Break

Price - $60
These are a cool pair of chucks that feature a heavy canvas upper with a leather collar and pull tab. They also come with thick waxed laces that if I'm correct were on the Undefeated x Converse Ballistic collaboration. You can get you a pair of these right now at the Converse website.

Source- HypeBeast

The Hundreds x Mac Dre

The Hundreds will release these Mac Dre tees at the San Francisco store on Thursday at 2 p.m.. They are releasing them for the anniversary of his death. Being from Northern California myself I know how much of an impact he had on music in the area. There will be two tees released including the one pictured above and the other which you can see after the break. Each have their own Hundreds touch which makes it even more fun to look at. Head on over to The Hundreds for more details.

Oct 23, 2011

Random Photo of The Day

Snoopy Toy ‘Kaws Version’ by Original Fake

I think this is the best toy yet done by KAWS. Don't get me wrong all of his work is great I just like Joe Cool the best because the common bond of both being Joe's. If I was rich I would be able to afford one of these because that's how expensive these toy are. I don't know the price yet but its to be released some time next week check out  KAWSONE for the the update.

Source- HS

New Era x Lafayette 8th Anniversary LF Logo Hat

Price- $90
A nice release from New Era x Lafayette who joined forces for the 8th anniversary logo hat. It features a cool logo on the site and has Lafayette stitched on the back in if very clean font. If you would like more details head over to Lafayette.

Source- Strictly Fitteds