Sep 30, 2009


Thoora spotlights what the world is talking about specifically news that's worth talking about. It explores more then 80 million blogs and 4,500 mainstream media sources and Twitter. To go there as usual Click Here.

Layers-The Vertical Web

What layers enables you to do is express yourself by letting you overlay images, videos as well as text on top of any web page. After you have finished with adding your personal touches then you are free to share it with anyone you want. If your interested the link is coming at you. Click Here


This would be a great site if you need to bring new life to your old videos with the services that are offered here. You can convert videos, organize, label, edit, and then share your favorite videos of those special moments you caught on camera with your family and friends. If you want to check it out Click Here.


Similar web is basically a simple add on for your internet browser that may come in handy for some people. What it does is show you similar websites of the current page that is open in your browser. So you dont need to search for other sites because with the click of one button you can see several sites that are similar to what you are already viewing. if this sounds like you may be interested check it out here.
Click Here

Diigo- Bookmarking and much more

I was looking for a way to get all my bookmarks online and this is what I found and where they are all at. If you need somewhere for your bookmarks and also need cool ways to share them Check It Out.

Sep 28, 2009


Mailbeans  is great for anyone who wants to get all their mail in one place in one webpage instead of signing into three or four different spots like many people do. It's easy to manage all your account and just less of a hassle to have it all in one spot so check it out here.

Kwickick- Get’er Done

This adds a new dimension to your web browser by extracting and the showing you the content within a contextual window so its always there when you need it. Kwikckick also retrieves information from a few different sources or content types including search engines, videos, images, shopping and reference sites. Also it detects embedded content for rich media on any webpage and gives you tools to help you interact more then ever before. This includes sharing on social networks, sending to friends or relatives, viewing comments, and finding additional related information. If this sound like something you may want to check out then head on over and see for yourself. Click Here

Wireless Charging Laptop- Awesome DELL

Dell Latitude Z from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Guy Gets Kicked in the FACE by a HORSE-HILARIOUS

Horse Kicks Moron in the Chest - Watch more Funny Videos

Sep 27, 2009

God of War 3- Another Trailor

Windows 7 -NEW Ad

MLB 09 The Show

To get this for yourself click on the link and download then transfer to you PSP and enjoy. Click Here

Miley is Looking Good!

Hidden Secrets The Nightmare- PC Game

This is a game that I never played but I downloaded it for my cousin and maybe you might like it as well so if you need the download click the link and you should know what to do if not just download the file and the rest should be easy. Click Here

Strikers 1945- PSP

If you need this game for you PSP handheld and you can play iso or cso games then you may want to download this. I tested this and it was working fine on my 5.00m33-6, so I hope you enjoy.
Click Here

Maxin Magazine-Oct Issue

If you want this issue click on the link and its your and enjoy!
Click Here

Sep 21, 2009

P.O.D.- Testify

This is one of my favorite groups so here goes one of their albums you can give a listen to click on the link below the get the full cd and enjoy.

Download Now

Big Bang Theory- Season 1 Downloads

I thought this was a pretty funny show and for that reason I thought it was a good idea to share it click on the link below to start downloading season 1.

Download Season 1 Here

Smart Bomb - PSP

If you would like this game for your PSP then click on the link below, download, unrar, and transfer to your memory stick pro duo and if you system is already hacked then you should be ready to play the game in no time.

Get Smart Bomb Now

Peggle Nights Deluxe

This is a cool game that I found a bit interesting and if you would like to give it a try I have the link so you can have it for yourself. The details of the game are below.
The sun has set at the Peggle Institute, but the bouncy delight has just begun! Join the Peggle Masters on a dreamtime adventure of alter egos and peg-popping action. Stay up late to aim, shoot and clear orange pegs from 60 levels, and bask in Extreme Fever glory under the silver moon. Then, put your Peggle skills to the ultimate test in 60 Challenges. If you can master all that fevered action, play to your heart's content with Duel mode and Quick Play! Catch the fever in Peggle Nights!

Get The Game Now

A Foosball Coffee Table That's Actually Semi-Affordable

A Foosball Coffee Table That's Actually Semi-Affordable [Foosball]: "

Not that $600 is a small chunk of change or anything, but it certainly beats shelling out several thousand dollars for the alternative.
Of course, this particular foosball coffee table isn't completely handcrafted—but I doubt you will mind. What it does have is a poplar frame, hand-carved handles and a tempered glass top. I don't know if I would put this sort of thing in my living room or anything—but it would be perfect in a den, media room or game room. [Hammacher via The Green Head]

HP DreamScreen Brings Pandora, Media Streaming to the Digital Picture Frame [Hp]

HP DreamScreen Brings Pandora, Media Streaming to the Digital Picture Frame [Hp]: "

HP's new DreamScreen 100 and 130 aren't exactly digital picture frames, though they do have that function and pretty much the same form factor. They also stream photos and music, play videos, connect to Pandora, and do social networking.
Both the DreamScreen 100 (10.2-inch screen) and 130 (13.3-inch) have 2GB of built-in storage, though they also have a combo flash card reader and USB connectivity for more room. You can load content onto them either through the storage or by a drag-and-drop software interface on a PC. Though it can stream audio and photos (with a really pretty interface, nice big album art), it can't stream video.
It has a handful of other features besides media playback, like Facebook, Pandora and Snapfish photos support, and all of these are controlled by either a remote or by buttons on the device itself—the DreamScreen isn't a touchscreen. The DreamScreen 100 is available today for $250, while the DreamScreen 130 is expected to be available sometime this fall for $300. Full press release below. [HP]

College Students Get Windows 7 For $30

College Students Get Windows 7 For $30 [Dealzmodo]: "

The deal page isn't live yet, but this one's Twitter official: Windows 7 will be just $30 for US college students. Full details are expected any minute, but for now, there's just a placeholder. UPDATED: It's up.
The conditions of the deal, which just went live, are as simple as can be: If you're an active student at an American university, or you at least have a working email address from a university (thanks, my old college!), you're entitled to a $30 price for Windows 7 Home Premium (update: or Pro!), which is normally at least $120. Best of all, the offer's good until January 3rd, so you've got plenty of time to bag a license, brah. [Microsoft]

Zune Desktop Player Updates to 4.0

Zune Desktop Player Updates to 4.0 [Downloads]: "
Windows only: Microsoft's Zune HD was released yesterday and it looks great, but whether you've got the latest Zune, an older model, or just like the Zune desktop player, Zune 4.0 brings new features and an improved look to desktop music players.
The Zune player sets itself apart from iTunes in one important way (not including the whole iPod vs. Zune support). As the Zune marketing folks put it: 'Browse music, not spreadsheets.' That is to say, the Zune player doesn't have the all-business text columns like iTunes, focusing instead on a rich graphical interface. (Though iTunes album views have headed in this direction, too.) It's a refreshing way to look at music, even though after playing with it, I'm not sure I really like it better. It seems better suited for a television and remote than monitor and mouse, and the way the new Quickplay page reacts to my mouse movements takes some getting used to. That said, it does look very nice. The update has also added:
  • A new Quickplay page gives you 'instant access to the stuff you care about most with shortcuts to favorites, recently downloaded or played music, and more.'
  • The Smart DJ feature can generate related playlists starting from any song on your computer and some music from the Zune Marketplace. (Think of it like Genius in iTunes.)
  • An expanded Zune Marketplace includes more HD movies and TV shows.
Zune 4.0 is a free download, Windows only. If you're a die-hard Zune user (for better or worse, no one at Lifehacker HQ is, even though the Zune HD looks really nice), give us your thoughts on the 4.0 update in the comments.

God of War 3 - Gameplay

This is going to be one of the greatest games of all times by the looks of this gane play check it out to see what I mean

Sep 18, 2009


This is a funny video you got to watch if you need a laugh.

Shakira - SHE WOLF * America's Got Talent 2009 HD

Shakira - SHE WOLF * America's Got Talent 2009 HD: "

Here goes a good live performance of Shakira and damn does she look good!!!

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Lets You Mix With the Help of a Big, Beautiful LCD Screen [Music]

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Lets You Mix With the Help of a Big, Beautiful LCD Screen [Music]: "

The Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Turntable was revolutionary when it launched because it was among the first devices to mimic vinyl turntables without the vinyl. Now, upgraded and equipped with a huge, 6.1-inch screen, the CDJ-2000 wants to up the ante.
The screen is able to display song info, album art, wave data and other advanced song info. In addition to the WQVGA screen (480x234), the CDJ-2000 brings a number of enhancements over its predecessor. For starters, it has a touch-sensitive area called the 'Needle Pad,' which lets users jump to a specific song point with the flick of a finger. Secondly, the turntables can now act as a MIDI controller for other devices, with all of its 35 buttons at the ready for musical manipulation. Lastly, it comes equipped with Pioneer's 'Pro DJ Link,' which lets you plug and external data source into one turntable, and access that data on any other CDJ-2000 turntable linked up to the system.

Sep 13, 2009

Uncharted 2:Umong Thieves

This looks like its going to be a bad ass game for the PS3 and if you havent watched the gameplay video I suggest you take a minute to watch it. The graphics look amazing but what else would you expect from a PS3 game. Check it out!

Better the VLC media player

Yes I found a media player that is actually better then the VLC media player. This happened because I downloaded some videos that were on the .mkv format and VLC played them but with no sound and as I was about to delete the videos I saw on the page where I had got them that they recommened GOM media player and what do you now I downloaded it and the videos worked sound and all. So this is the new media player that I recommend so if you need the software here goes the link to get your own.

Go download now

Time Waster

This is a cool site that lets you create some cool things if your bored online there really aint a way to embed it here so here goes the link check it out.

Go there now

Dubai is POPPIN

After seeing this I was amazed at how this place is growing so fast and all the amazing things they are building over there makes it seem like it must be poppin like no one knows. Also after seeing this I really want to go visit this place one day to see it all done. But check it out I poseted a few pics below and below that is the link to the whole story and believe me you will be amazed.

in 1990

The same street in 2003

The full story

The Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt

Pyramid of Khufu - Giza (Cairo, Egypt) in Giza

JFK Assasination Video

When I watch this video it makes me feel really bad for the dude and especially for his wife for having to be next to him when this happened. The reason I posted this is because it made me realize that all though JFK is dead he deserves much respect for having to die like this because watch the video over and over again and you will see brains come out and his head just fall to pieces. Just check the video out below and you will see what I'm talking about and also I think the government had this shit set up.

2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

This is one bad ass Mecedes head over to see specifications and all the great features it has and then dream of driving one just like I did.

Check out the details here

Carbonmade - free online portfolio for designers

Carbonmade - free online portfolio for designers: "
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Carbonmade is a online site where designers can show their work in a ready made online portfolio. The site is easy to get around and perfect for designers who don't care to manage their own domain and website. A free account will provide you with 5 projects to show and a total of 35 images. Their pro plan is $12 per month, gets you 50 projects, 500 hi-res image uploads and 12 videos.

The site is stupid easy to manage and you can tag your projects so they show up in different design categories like graphic design, 3D modeling, copywriting, etc. If you're trying to get freelance work, you can click a setting to show that. There's also the capability to add your Google Analytics account number to your portfolio to monitor web traffic to your site.

The more projects you have, the higher your portfolio appears in the various design category pages. Carbonmade is not ad supported so the non cluttered space is nice. Of course, you may also want to consider other design communities like DeviantArt, Creattica and Behance, or better yet, try them all for the exposure.

MDPC 031 | Edelweiss by Pius Giger aka Lessdegrees

MDPC 031 | Edelweiss by Pius Giger aka Lessdegrees
This is one of the most amazing pc's i have ever seen created. It has to be a one of a kind cuz I dont know anyone who has anything like it.I put only one pic belpw but click on the link below it to see more photos of the pc that looks like it cost a damn fortune.

Click to see more photos

MICHAEL JORDAN Hall of Fame speech 9/11/09

MICHAEL JORDAN Hall of Fame speech 9/11/09:

Sept. 11 -- Michael Jordan, a five-time National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player and winner of a record 10 scoring titles, was among five people inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Point guard John Stockton, center David Robinson, Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and Rutgers University womens coach C. Vivian Stringer also were enshrined today at the Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Video was edited due to YouTube time limits. You can watch the 3-part (20min) speech here:

WTC - 9/11: 911 5th Anniversary Memorial Music Video 9-11 ...

WTC - 9/11: 911 5th Anniversary Memorial Music Video 9-11 ;: "
Please "Pass It On". NEVER FORGET - Visit wtc911.US for detailed information ...

Windows 7 Ad Kills With Cuteness [Video]

Windows 7 Ad Kills With Cuteness [Video]: "

Microsoft has experienced mixed results with its ad campaigns. A Seinfeld-Gates pairing was panned in the tech press, but its “Laptop Hunters” series had a positive impact on consumers’ value perception of Microsoft products (even if Apple did insist that one ad be changed).

Come to mention it, who can forget that bizarre projectile vomiting ad for Internet Explorer 8? Microsoft later attempted to remove the ad, after it had been shared widely around the web.

With the new operating system’s retail release scheduled for next month, it’s time for the Windows 7 ads to start rolling out. Microsoft’s strategy: kill with cuteness. An ad released this week features the return of Kylie, who shows us how simple it is to make slideshows on her new laptop.

Sep 6, 2009

Typedia Sorts and Shares Fonts in a Community-Based Font Catalog [Typography]

Typedia Sorts and Shares Fonts in a Community-Based Font Catalog [Typography]: "

If you've spent hours looking for the right font for your project, Typedia can help. Typedia is a font-centered community project that indexes, catalogs, and displays fonts of all sorts.

In their own words they aptly describe the Typedia project as:

Typedia is a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Think of it like a mix between IMDb and Wikipedia, but just for type. Anyone can join, add, and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.

The site is organized so fonts can be browsed by type, by tag, or by creator. You can also learn more about fonts and their construction and participate in discussions about typography and design as well as contribute to the entries of individual fonts. If a font is available—both for free or for purchase—a link is included with the entry for that font.

Typedia is a free service and requires no login for basic browsing and searching.

Sep 5, 2009

15 Places to Make Money Creating Your Own Products

15 Places to Make Money Creating Your Own Products: "
Creating your own products used to mean a significant up-front investment — purchasing a minimum amount of the product as dictated by the manufacturer, paying for warehousing, packaging, point-of-sale systems, and other overhead costs. And that was all before you even took a single order! Thankfully, for many types of products, print-on-demand technologies have made it possible for anyone to create and sell goods over the Internet with little or no up-front costs.

Below is a roundup of 15 great print-on-demand sites that will help you create and sell everything from t-shirts to clocks, from books to skateboards, from board games to fabric. If you know of additional print-on-demand sites to make and sell your own products, let us know in the comments.

1. CafePress


CafePress is one of the oldest print-on-demand services online and they offer one of the largest catalogs of products on which you can print your logo or designs. From apparel, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats, to calendars, posters, mugs, water bottles, stickers, stuffed animals, buttons, messenger bags, and even clocks, CafePress offers hundreds of different products to sell and its thriving community of users creates over 45,000 new items each day on the site.

2. Zazzle


Like CafePress, Zazzle offers a huge number of customizable products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, ties, and even aprons, jackets, postage stamps, and shoes. They offer both custom on-demand printing and embroidery on many of their clothing products, and also offer a range of non-apparel items, such as skateboard decks, calendars, magnets, and post cards. Zazzle users have created a mind blowing 19.5 billion items.

Sep 2, 2009

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Release dated

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Release dated: "
GTA: Chinatown Wars coming to PSP 20th October 2009

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars coming to PSP

Rockstar games have just posted today via their twitter site, that the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be out come 20th of October. They also posted that it will be released as both a digital download (via PLAYSTATION Network) and a retail UMD. Which of course makes perfect sense if you had a new shiny PSP Go then.

Awesome stuff, if they would only release some screenshots of it! But were told they are coming very soon or more info.


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