Oct 30, 2010

Nike Air Royal mid


Price – $138

These are from the sports wear division of Nike and they are cool but I doubt they will look good in size 15 but smaller sizes I’m sure they are cool.Caliroots has them in stock and the link is below to head over there and get more info.

Go to Caliroots for more info

Eastbound and Down S01 E06 (Watch it here)

Eastbound and Down S01 E05 (Watch it here)

What Mark Zuckerberg Could Buy!

Cool Material put together this chart that shows all the bad ass shit Mark Zuckerberg the guy who owns Facebook could buy with his fortune. The crazy thing is this list would only be spending half of his billions so I’m guessing he is living a great life or at least he should be with that amount of cash.

Source- CM

Air Jordan 1 Phat Low w/Elephant Print


Price – around $90

They are available right now on E-bay click below to head over and see whats available.

Click here for more info

Random Photo of The DaY


N.E.R.D.–Nothing (Download Here)



1. Party People (feat. T.I.) 3:52
2. Hypnotize U 4:17
3. Help Me 4:07
4. Victory 3:42
5. Perfect Defect 3:42
6. I’ve Seen The Light / Inside of Clouds 4:25
7. God Bless Us All 3:29
8. Life As A Fish 2:36
9. Nothing On You 3:18
10.Hot-n-Fun (feat. Nelly Furtado) 3:24
11.It’s In The Air 4:21
12.Sacred Temple 4:11
13.I Wanna Jam 3:34
14.The Man 3:19

Download here

Random Song of the Day


Artist – Kanye West

Song – All Falls Down

Album – The College Dropout

Download Here

Road and Track Dec. 2010 (Download here)


Download Here

Viberg Bobcat Boot x C Store Colab


Price – $694

Only 15 pairs of these boots were produced which is my guess why the price tag is so high. They are unlike any boots I have ever seen and I would definitely wear them. For more info click on the link below.

Go to Caliroots

A weekend in ROME (Cool video shot in ROME)

I really want to visit Rome someday and this video captures it in great quality.

24th letter New Era hat by 10 Deep


Price – $42

This is a tight hat from 10 Deep and its available at Wish ATL online shop and you can click the link below for more info.

Click here for more info

Mack Maine–The Laxative Mixtape (Download here)


Download here

Penthouse Dec. 2010 (Download here)


Download Here

The It's All About The Benji Tee by Artful Dodger


Price – $28

Use rep code ‘JOEKNOWS’ for a discount at the checkout.

Go to Karmaloop

Lottery Ticket–2010 (Watch it here)

For movie info click here.

Philadelphia Phillies Triple Play Wool/Satin Jacket by Mitchell & Ness


Price – $200

Go to Shop MLB for more info

AG Drips Zip Up by @acapulcogold


Price – $115

Go to Acapulco Gold now

Adidas Originals x Ransom Creek


Price – $208

Go to Caliroots

Eastbound and Down S01 E04 (Watch it here)

Eastbound and Down S01 E03 (Watch it here)

The Money Pyramid Tee by Rocksmith

new money

Price –$30

For a discount use rep code ’JOEKNOWS’ for a discount at the checkout.

Go to Karmaloop

The Exorcist -1973 (Watch it here)

For movie info click here.

Certified Hustler New Era Hat


Price – $85

Go to Bagarch for more info

Anaheim Angels New Era Fitted Hat


Price – $35

Go to E-Cap City for more info

Oct 28, 2010

The Commuter–Shot in HD with the Nokia N8

This looks like a real movie and they shot it with a cell phone, that’s some very cool shit and technology just gets better and better.

Girl backflips off bed and hits a t.v.

Eastbound and Down S01 E02 (Watch it here)

This is a show about a washed up baseball player who returns home and teaches P.E. and has some difficulty adjusting to a normal life. For more details click here.



pRICE – $180


The Others–2001 (Watch it here)

Movie info here.

Eastbound Down and Out S01 E01 (Watch it here)

Sons of Anarchy S03 e08 (Watch it here)

The Brick By Brick Tee by Loud and Obnoxious by Loud and Obnoxious


Price –$30

The brick by brick quote is taken from a Barack Obama quote. For more info click on the link below.

Go to Karmaloop

Oct 27, 2010

R.I.P. to Limewire thanks to a court ordered shut down


The court has finally ordered Limewire to shut down its P2P file sharing network. This has took a long time to happen and as a one time Limewire user I would just like to say may Limewire R.I.P. Also you can just google a song you want to download these days so who really needed a software for it right. But for more info on Limewire click here.

Random Photo of the Day


XLARGE X Disney Stadium Jacket


Price – $424

Available on Nov. 5th and for more info and a look at the hooded zip up and tee also from XLARGE and Disney click on the link below.

Click here for more info

Glow in the dark @Us_Versus_Them Tee


Price – $28

Go to Us Versus Them

Oct 26, 2010

Playboy Nov. 2010 (Download here)


Download here

Gerber 31-000082 Gator Machete Junior with Sheath


Price – $17

If you ever need to chop someone or something up this junior machete may help if you cant get your hands on a bigger one. For less then $20 it’s a good deal.

Click here for more info

Thunder Jim Greco Signature Model by Supra


Price – $68

Go to Factory 413 now

Penthouse Nov. 2010 (Download here)


Download here

The Reed Jeans by Baldwin Denim


Price –$220

- Dry Indigo Selvage

- 13oz White Oak Plant Cone Mills Indigo Selvage Sanforized Denim
- Woven, cut and sewn in USA

- Custom Copper Rivets

- Chainstitched Hem

- Yellow line Selvage

Go to Baldwin Denim for more info

Playboys Big Boobs 2010 (Download here)


Download here

Awesome video montage

This is a cool video showing people doing some awesome stunts or moves that most people including myself couldn’t do.



Price –$207

This is a grip of money to ever pay for a pair of shoes that usually  cost around $40. But they are a special edition for the anniversary of Peanuts so if you’re a collector of that you may be interested in buying a pair. You can get a more detailed look by clicking on the link below.

Click here for more info



Price – $38

Click here for more info

WTF!One of the Ugliest Things I ever seen

I think it’s a possum but I don’t know if its real and something about the photo looks like it could be fake but for the most part it looks real. Either way the fucker is ugly and I hope to never see it doing that look in person. I found this over at Upperplayground so check them out if you want to see a bigger photo.

Old Man goes ninja on police

Dwayne Wade in Dominate Another Day



Price –$72

Click here for more info

Random Photos of the Day



Random Song of the Day


Artist – Audioslave

Song – Like A Stone

Download Here

Oct 25, 2010

New Skateboarding top speed record 80mph

This dude is really flying down that road and he was going into what looked like a curve. Going that fast on a skateboard takes some real giant balls. For more info click here.

Car and driver Dec. 2010 (Download here)


Download here

Lebron James Rise Nike Video

Boardwalk Empire S01 E06 (Watch it here)

N90 Black Stadium Jacket by New Era


Price – $600

This is the 90th anniversary jacket from New Era and its also available in navy. Its hella tight but the price is a little high but no doubt It would be dope to own one.

Go to Japan New Era

Self Edge now stocks ROY Denim


Priced @ $275

These are available in two different cuts , straight leg and slim and at the moment are only available in the Self Edge retail store. They will soon be available online but for now you can go to Self Edge or hit up the source Hypebeast.

Oct 24, 2010

Real Cali Trees Tee and Truck Hat by @PRIMITIVE_


Price – Hat $31 and the Tee is $21

This is a cool matching Trucker hat and tees that lets you know Calif0rnia got that real deal. Its available now by clicking 0n the picture of the product you wish to see more info for.meshh

Pimpin for Dummies (Download here)


I didn’t know they made an actual Pimpin for Dummies so I knew when I see it I had to post it here. You can  download by clicking on the link below.

Download here

New York Yankees Cooperstown Wool Jacket


Price –$200

Go to Shop MLB

So Fly Tee by Cloud Kicker


Price – $30

Use rep code ‘JOEKNOWS’ for a 20% at the checkout.

Go to Karmaloop

Trust Fund Light Navy Hat by @acapulcogold


Price – $42

This is a new release from Acapulco Gold fall 2010 and its available by clicking on the link below.

Go to AG

Random Song of The Day

Artist – Lil Wayne

Album – I am Not a Human Being

Songs – Bill Gates

Download Here

Psycho–1960 (Watch it here)

For the movie info click here

Factotum x Citizen Watch


Price – $361

This is a nice collaboration from Citizen x Factoturn which is set to be released in January 2011. Only 400 of them are set to be made and it would be tight to own one. Check out a little more info by clicking on the link below.