Jan 30, 2010

Steve Jobs unveils the iPAD

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Playsushi – Online Games


If you get bored like i do online then this site may be something for you. you can play a large selection of games including street fighter 2 which is a classic. Check it out if you want to play some games.


Go to Playsushi now


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Jan 26, 2010

Punisher Hypno T-Shirt


This shirt is a good buy if you like the punisher skull like i do. the first reason is its only 15.99 the second is that its different then many other punisher shirts out there and the print looks large which is  good thing. you can order your own just click the link below.

Buy your own Punisher shirt now

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Jan 25, 2010

Good Girl Fight


This is a good girl fight that I seen along time ago but Im barely posting it now. When I first seen it I had to watch it over and over and it just kept getting better.


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Audi R8 V10 Spyder Promo













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Jan 24, 2010

Wahl Deluxe Clippers

If you cut your own hair like I do most of the time then these clippers are perfect  because they have a special handle that can help you get the back of your head.

Jan 23, 2010

Another Cool Michael Jordan T-Shirt

mj2 mj1985

Price : $32.99

I like this t-shirt not only because it has Michael Jordan on it but 1985 was the year I was born so it makes it more of a shirt that I would wear unfortunately

To Purchase Your Own T-Shirt Click Here

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MSI Big Bang Fuzion LGA 1156 Intel P55 / Lucid Hydra 200 ATX Intel Motherboard

bm mbn mhh Price: $369

Brand - MSI

Model -Big Bang Fuzion

Supported CPU -CPU Socket Type, LGA 1156

CPU Type - Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium (LGA1156)

Chipsets -North Bridge,Intel P55 / Lucid Hydra 200

Memory -Number of Memory Slots, 4x240pin

Memory Standard - DDR3 1066/1333/1600(OC)/1800(OC)/2000(OC)/2133(OC)

Maximum Memory Supported -16GB

Big Bang mainboard
The new era of ultimate gaming machines
Quantum Wave Audio Processing
THX TruStudio PC
100% Hi-c Cap
OC Genie: Auto OC to boost performance in 1 sec
Support GPUs combination from different vendors
Lucid Hydra 200 chipset allows you can use the graphics cards from different vendors.
Supports ATI Crossfire & Hydra N-mode, A-mode & X-mode
1 x D-LED2 panel connector

This is just some of the specs for this motherboard to see more details or order it for yourself click on the link below

Read More about this Motherboard



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Jan 22, 2010

Bugatti Pen - $15,000

BugattiFPHood  BugattiUp

This pen is made by Bugatti the same people who make the $1 million dollar car and the $2 million dollar convertible. With the prices of the car being so outrageous then you know if they were to do a pen it would also have to be a price as crazy as the $15,000 price tag it has. But paying this much for a damn pen it better write the words for you and you shouldn’t even have to pick it up.But for more info click the link below.

To see more info about the Bugatti Pen click here.

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Jordan Alpha 1


Price: $242 -on the website I saw them on and the link is below

These are not my most favorite pair of Jordan’s but they are still Jordan’s so I thought they were worth posting a little something about. You can check them out at the original site but the prices are in other currency’s so you must make sure they are telling you the correct price for your country.


Click Here to See More info About Jordan Alpha 1

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The Wescott Classic Fit Denim Men's Denim By ORISUE

Capturejjj Capturenbnnn

Price: $90

These look like a nice pair jeans and what I really like about them is the color because I never had a pair of jeans this color.

Click Here for Ordering Information

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Cool Michael Jordan T-Shirts

ggggg mjjt

Price: $32.99

This Michael Jordan T-Shirt is pretty cool and I think it would go perfectly with a fresh pair of Jordan’s. You can click on the link below to order you one or just see more information about the tee.

Click here to buy your own Michael Jordan T-Shirt

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Chegg – Rent textbooks instead of buying


If you are a college student then this is something that I’m sure you will find useful. Textbooks cost a fortune and offering to rent them out is a great idea and I’m surprised they haven’t had it a long time ago. I know the semester has already started but this is still something to spread the word about so click the link below to go check the site out.

Check Chegg out here

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The Jetson CPO Jacket Men's Jackets By Aknowledge

Capturennnj ggg


Price: $90.50

Description:The Jetson CPO Jacket is made from 100% cotton and features full zip closure beneath a storm flap, two button flap chest pockets, one horizontal zip closure left chest pocket, two button flap waist pockets above two additional zip closure waist pockets, shoulder epaulettes, button closure collar and button starps at each cuff.

Go Order Your Jetson CPO Jacket

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Jan 17, 2010

Pants on The Ground – Funny All The Judges Laugh At Him

I think this was pretty funny  because if all the judges had to laugh then you know it had to be funny.

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Jan 16, 2010

CarrotSticks – Multiplayer Math Games for Kids



CarrotSticks is an online multiplayer game that improves math skills for 1st - 5th graders as they practice and compete with peers around the world!


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Jan 15, 2010

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Headphones – Over A Thousand Dollars


Input Sensitivity: 110.6 dB @ 1 kHz
Efficiency: 115.6 dB @ 1mW
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 18,000 Hz
Impedance: 21 ohms @ 1kHz
Internal Speaker Configuration: 6 proprietary precision balanced armatures
Noise Isolation: -26 dB
Input Connector: 1/8" (3.5 mm) gold plated

Go Now To Pre-Order Your Own Ultimate Ears 18 Pro

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Jan 14, 2010

LeBron Air Max VII NFW


These look like one of the best pair of LeBron’s to come out and would be great to buy now and save for the summer because paying $160 bucks I would not want these in any rainy or wet weather. If you want to buy your own pair click here.

Go to the Nike store to see the LeBron Air Max VII NFW

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Jan 13, 2010

SongMeaning.net – Find out what your favorite songs mean


This is a site that I find really useful because as a big fan of music sometimes I wonder what some songs are really talking about. This will help you if you ever wondered the same thing and it has the lyrics to the song as well and if you think you know the meaning of a song you can feel free to add your own comments. To check it out yourself click below.

Go to SongMeanings.net Now

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Nike Blazer Mid 09


These are cool even though I don’t think they will look right in size 15 but if you have a smaller foot and about $88 then these might just be the shoes for you.

Price: $88

Click to see more about the Nike Blazer Mid 09

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National Geographic’s Album – Nice Photos

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Jan 10, 2010

LeBron Air Max VII


These are some cool Lebron’s that cost $160 so I know I will never own a pair but if you got the money these are some very nice shoes to consider purchasing.

Price: $ 160

Click Here to Go Buy you own LeBron Air Max VII's

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Cage Fighter Injures Himself – Very Painful Looking

Now this looks like some painful shit and the thing that makes it worse is the dude did it to himself. Check it out to see what I’m talking about.

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Ideapad U1 hybrid notebook tablet

 500x_lenovo2  500x_lenovo5


I wonder why this isn’t already out in stores today because its really a great idea. The Ideapad U1 Hybrid Notebook Tablet is exactly what it sounds like a netbook that you can also use as a tablet and to me that just sounds like a great idea. If you need more info on it like specs and so on click on the link below.

Click Here

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It Made My Day – Read Random Stories That Made Someone’s Day

Capturenhggg This is a cool place where you can read random stories from random people and hear what

Go to itmademyday.com

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The Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T Mouse

This mouse looks hella complicated to use but also looks hella cool to use. Its made for gamers and I’m sure its going to cost more then anyone wants to pay for a mouse but still a cool idea. Click on the link below for more informtion.

Click Here

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Funny Clip from Borat


I thought this was a funny part of Borat so I posted it.

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Jan 8, 2010

Another Custom PC Photo Album

Sony’s MDR-NC300D Headphones

These are supposed to be some good headphones from what I read about them. The thing with headphones is that you sometimes have to test them yourself to know if they are worth the money to you. But from what I read the details sounded really solid and if you want to see them for yourself then click on the link below  and they will be available next month.


Click Here

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Jan 7, 2010

Fantasy Wallpapers


kim-kardashian.590x583 kims-tight-dress.590x583

These pictures are proof that Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful woman in the world. I don’t think anyone else out there has as much ass and all around bad ass body as she does so I had to post these pictures because I was amazed of just how fine she is.

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Funny Video of Kids Dancing


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Samsung CL80: A Point-and-Shoot Crammed with 14 Megapixels, Wi-Fi and AMOLED Touchscreen


This Samsung camera looks real nice and Wi-Fi  is inside plus 14 megapixels and a real nice touch screen makes for a great sounding camera. To get more info about the camera  click on the link below to see the Original Source.

Jan 3, 2010


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112164 112447



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Dancing accidents video montage

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Making animations with light paintings

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Jan 2, 2010

The Lovely Bones- DVDSCR- 450mb

The Lovely Bones looks like a good movie and I cant wait to see it and I'm downloading as I type. If you would like to see it yourself go here to download it.

New York Yankees Satin Premiere Jacket


This is an old school looking satin jacket that’s on sale for $79.99 which is a good deal because they are usually over $100 and they have them in 3X, 4X, and 5X. Click on the link below to go to the source and order your own if you have the cash.

Buy Now

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Jan 1, 2010

Lady Farts During Yoga

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Dubai Timelapse

I thought this was a pretty cool video of Dubai and it shows you from the morning to the night and it really looks like a nice place and the quality is great.

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Pope Knocked Down at Christmas Mass

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Installation of Waterford Crystals on Time Square Ball

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Nike Zoom Toki Men's Shoe

Shop Nike for Shoes, Clothing & Gear. Start shopping now at www.nike.com

This Nike’s are cool and unlike any I have seen before which is why I think They no longer have them on Nike.com which is where I originally saw them but google them and I’m sure something will come up I just liked them and wanted to make a post.

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Asian Girl breaks boyfriends PS3

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Kenneth Cole Vintage Black


This is a new cologne from Kenneth Cole that smells better then the original Black but cost a little more at $67.50 a bottle.

 Buy it now


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