Oct 31, 2009

Inside the mind of an LSD user

This is a weird video that I seen  on You Tube and thought it was something that I don’t see that often online  so knew it was something I had to post on here. So check it out.

Oct 29, 2009

Paranormal Activity

paranormal-activity-movie-poster12This movie is worth watching but its not something I would say is scary. I watched it in complete darkness with only my headphones and laptop on and I wasn’t scared one time. But I know that some people may get scared from movies like this but it’s not at all but still worth checking out. So if you want to download the original which came out in 2007 then follow the link below and then download those links.

 Paranormal Activity 300MB

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If your a person who likes to stay updated on crime going on in your entire city or just your area then this would be great for you. This will give you updates when available on most crimes such as homicide, robbery, breaking and entering, theft, sexual offenses all by default. You have the option to add other crimes such as arson and some others you can select from a list. Everything is color coded with flags and everything is easy to read on a map

Welcome To CrimeReports.com

Oct 28, 2009

Paris Photo Album

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How A Ferrari is built!! Watch the whole process.

I was just browsing HULU when I found this and actually watched the whole thing from start to finish and was amazed at the process these cars go through. I know why the price for the car is $200,000 because the detail they put into everything from making the engine from scratch to the leather seats and the stitching the whole process is something to see. The whole 45 minutes I wished  could just test drive one of these cars one day. But check the video out if you like.

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Oct 22, 2009

Winter Themed Pictures

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My Coke Rewards Codes


I have been doing the Coca-Cola bonus points thing since it started and to this day still go out of my way to collect caps when ever I see them. But then I got this idea to post them here on my blog to hopefully drive a little traffic and get my blog out there a little bit. So here goes two codes and if it works there will definitely be more codes to come.



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Kanye West - “We Were Once A Fairytale”

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X-Ray Photo’s

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The Hills – Season 6 Episode 4

For some reason this show is interesting to me so I watch it and maybe you might want to check it out also.

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Black People Are Racist Also!

I been  meaning to write this for some time now but if anyone saw the MTV Video Music Awards that just past then I'm sure you seen Kanye West make a complete racist  ass of himself. All I have to say is first off if Taylor swift was black I’m almost positive that Kanye would have not ran on the stage and did what he did. The only reason he did it was because she was white and beat out one of the most famous black people around. Also the video for single ladies was huge and on the internet and t..v. everywhere but Taylor Swift was also played on MTV and internet as well. For a country singer to even be nominated says something and I don’t think it out of the realm of possibilities or anything so far gone that she did win.


I also wanted to say that say if Beyonce did win and a white man went up there and said I think someone else deserved the award because they had one of the greatest videos ever made I can only imagine the hysteria that the black community would make. I’m sure they would have had the damn NAACP involved  and want to start some civil rights bullshit or some type of blown out of proportion drama that would have made me sick of hearing about in the media. But with all that said I believe when things like this happen that black people are just as racist as any

other ethnic group and maybe just as rude because how do you interrupt someone's acceptance  speech at an awards show. But Kanye got his karma and his tour got cancelled so it turns out it don't pay to be racist and damn karma is a bitch you don't want to mess with.Also almost forgot to say that what beyonce did at the end and let Swift go back on stage and finish her speech shows how cool she may just be in real life.


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Apple Magic Mouse

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Bad-ASS Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Watch


The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 watch
Limited edition of only 150 pieces in platinum
Reference: WAW2170.FC6261
Movement: Automatic Belt-driven transmission watch
Tungsten ingot linear mass
2 pairs of barrels in series, set in parallel and linked by belts
Dial: 7 silver fine-brushed bridges with “haute horlogerie” hand-finishings
Escapement and belt-driven transmission visible from the front
Hand-applied faceted indexes
Faceted polished Rhodium plated blue minute and hour hands with luminescent markers
Blue small second hand at 4 o’clock
Blue “V4” engraving
Monochrome blue engraved TAG Heuer logo
Case: Polished Platinum 950 case
Case length: 48.90mm
Case width: 40.5mm (43.40mm with Crown)
Thickness: 17.10mm
Mass: 226 grams
Beveled sapphire crystal glass with double-sided anti-reflective treatment to ensure the best readability
Sapphire case back in 3 sections
Polished white gold crown at 3 o’clock
Water resistance: 50 meters
Strap: Blue alligator strap with hand-sewn blue stitching
Folding buckle with safety push-buttons in Platinum 950

1st batch (75 pieces): November 2009
2nd batch (75 pieces): June 2010
Estimated MSRP: CHF 100,00

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Oct 21, 2009


I had a lot of icons that I downloaded from the web and I never used any of them. But before I decided to make space on my hard drive and have to delete the folder I uploaded them to my Skydrive photo album and figured I would post it here on my blog and maybe someone might find some use for these. There are a few so go to the album and you can download them in a .zip file if you like.



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This is another free image sharing site that lets you easily upload photos to send out all over the web to social networks like the usual Facebook, Digg, Reddit, twitter, stumbleupon and many others or embed it in your very own blog or a message board.



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This is a cool website if you are an inspiring singer or rapper.  What you can do is sing and record songs online then share them online where you wish.  You can sing your favorite songs and to get started all you need to do is sign up and then install the browser plug-in. After that pick a song and download its accompaniment sheet music, guitar tab or a karaoke backing track from the site store. So if you think you can sing or have some sort of voice.

Puresolo - Home Page

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If you like to draw or you  are some type of artist you may want to stop by this site. You don’t need to register but to save your work and share it you do need to register for free which shouldn’t take more then a few minutes. So if your artistic or you just like to doodle head over there right now.

SketchFu- Online Drawing Homepage


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Oct 20, 2009

Kublax-Financial Management


What Kublax offers is a free online financial management software. With it you can track your spending, view and control all your accounts securely and create budgets that are much needed in an economy in which we live in. So if you need to really see where are your money goes this just may be for you so check it out here goes the link.

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Video Game Pictures

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Lamborghini Photos



If you ever had a question that you needed to be answered or you think you may know some answers to question’s other online may have then head over to this website to sign up. There are other sites where you can ask questions but here you ask for answers which is basically the same thing except worded a little better. Its easy to register and easy to find your way around the site as well so head over to check it out..

AskForAnswers Homepage

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HP Envy Beats Edition

If you have ever heard of Beats by Dr. Dre and you have tried them out then you know they are first off expensive going at about $300 for the over the head and a cheaper in ear sells for about $150 I think. So you know if they are a part of a special edition HP Envy Beats Laptop that has a Core i7 which is already saying enough to get me really interested in this laptop. But the price $2,200 is a little to steep for me but that new Intel Core i7 is supposed to be one hell of a CPU so maybe when the price goes down a little then it may be something to consider but right now personally I think its a little to much to spend on a laptop. But if you got the money and you want a very nice looking laptop then this is it because there is no denying that this isn’t one slick looking piece of work from HP.

HP Envy Beats Edition Official Page


Cool Nissan GT-R Video

Windows 7 Repair Disc

Windows7 If you have installed Windows 7 like I have then this may be useful for you. This is a repair disc for Windows 7 that you can use in case you mess your computer up and need to repair it. Its only a 143 iso file to download that you can mount on a virtual drive and burn a copy for you to have just incase anything goes wrong on your system. Click on the link below to download a copy for yourself if you need it.

WIndows 7 Repair Disc

Oct 16, 2009

Lego Land Tour

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This online marketplace lets you sell all sorts of documents, templates, legal forms, essays, research papers and much more. You can sell it in any format and can also sell multiple copies of the same file. So if you have any of these things and you think you can get some money for them try it out and see click on the link below.

Go There Now



I think this is a good idea that lets you Zip or unzip files from a web browser. You don't need to upload files anywhere it does them all locally. It all runs inside a Java applet and its very easy to do so if you need this for anything then head over to the site and check it out the link is below.

Go There Now


Oct 15, 2009


This is a web app that stores all your notes online. You can store To-Do list, phone numbers, shopping lists, song titles and basically every list you can think of. Its very easy to get around on the site and should be able to be used from any web browser so check it out.


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If you like to play games for free and against other people including your friends and family then this should be for you. Its free and easy to sign up and you can search for friends through your email addresses. The only thing is they could use more game titles and I always wonder why they don't use good games such as Bejeweled and other Pop Cap games but imp sure it has some copyright or licensing deal it would have to do but check it out anyway it might be just right for you.


Go There Now


  This is a free online diary that is ment for your entries to stay private. Its easy to keep your secret diary or journal for your thoughts or your notes and ideas.

Check It Out



Read Fresh

 What this does is watch websites that you like and brings you the most recent and updated sites to the front so you can see what's new. So if you want to stay updated then you should check it out.

Go There Now

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Stuff Buff

 If you like to sell your items in an online auction this is for you. Stuff buff lets you catalog everything you own so that you can sell or buy in the fast and fun auctions. So if you're in to this type of social ecommerce then check it out.


Go There Now

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kk This is a great drag and drop app that lets you drop pictures from one service to another service without any upload time. Any picture that you or your friends has already uploaded to services such as Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, Twitpic, Bebo, Photobucket, or Flickr. It's easy to copy pictures from others albums directly to your service. But you have to have an invite so head over to the site to see about getting yours.


Dropcio Home Page


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Oct 13, 2009

Zoto – Photo sharing like no other

 zz ZOTO IS AN ONLINE PHTOTO SHARING SITE THAT PROVIDES POWERFUL APPLICATIO LIKE FEATURES. You have the ability to store, organize, and share all of you photos and they will be safe and secure and available for you to view in an browser any where in the world. So check it out. Zoto- Home Page

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Oct 10, 2009


I recently downloaded this and was very surprised at what they offered for free. There is a lot you can do from editing your photos to uploading them unto the web to the Picasa Web Albums. Your photos also get scanned automatically for faces then you add names to the faces and it will remember that person when their face is detected. The interface is easy and really looks nice and works smoothly and overall a program I really recommend  so download it.

Download Now


Abstract Wallpaper Pics

Oct 3, 2009

Pop screen

Pop screen is a simple way to bookmark all your favorite TV shows, movies, webcasts, movies, news clips, music, and viral videos from over hundreds of online sources that are in one location to make it easier for you. Check it out here.


Masher is a cool place where you can mash things like photos, video clips, and music into one video clip .If this sounds like something you've been thinking of doing get to mashing. Click here


Moof is a site where you can search and listen to any song you like any time you like and at a price you will love free. This is basically all the functionality of a media player right in your browser which is something that can come in handy for music lovers like myself, So check it out click here


Oct 1, 2009

Colin McRae Dirt 2- PSP

This game came out not to long ago so if you need it to download it head over to this link and download the few links and try it out for yourself. Click Here

Ora Watch Measures Hours One Inch at a Time

Ora Watch Measures Hours One Inch at a Time [Watches]: "

Too bad the beautiful Ora—a watch that uses a pseudo-measuring tape to display time—is just a concept. Not only it satisfies my visual appetite, but my do it yourself cravings and other sizing needs.

Ora concept is a study on the field of haute horlogerie. It focuses on the display of time via an unconventional mode, by replacing the expected dial arrangement found in the vast majority of the mechanical watches with a set of three interwoven tapes—one to indicate the hour(s), one to indicate the minute(s), and one to indicate the day.
The arrangement of the indications derived from the aspiration to demonstrate in a bold and dramatic way the passage of time. The design of the case reflects an 'inside-out' design approach as it was the mechanism's arrangement that prescribed the overall form in an attempt to enhance its uniqueness and create a distinctive silhouette.