Jun 30, 2012

New Era Double Whammy Cleveland Indians Hat

Price- $45
New Era x Cleveland Indians have released this hat that is cool simply because its different then what you usually see with a baseball cap. The Indian logo and the C go great together and make a fresh fitted. These are available now at Weare

Air Jordan XI Black/Red

These Air Jordan XI Black/Red's are the shit and I always liked them but the cost and the demand for them aren't exactly on my side. Maybe this time around I will get a little luckier. They are set to be released in December and I can only imagine the pandemonium it will cause. You can check out these and the rest of the Air Jordans that are scheduled to be released in the second half of 2012 over at Style Engine.

Global City Mural by Deck Two [Video]

Here is a cool video worth checking out that shows the process of artist Deck Two drawing the Global City piece.


Adidas Lucas

Price- $80
I personally have never owned a pair of  Adidas in my lifetime so far. But these would definitely be one pair that I wouldn't mind making my first pair. I like the simpleness of these which feature a suede upper and a white rubber cup sole. Atlas has these available now. 

Random Photo of The Day

Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse Chrome Edition

Price- $39
This is a cool chrome edition of Mickey from the Runaway Brain video that was released a while back. Span of Sunset Inc. x Disney teamed up to release this limited edition vinyl which was sculpted by Monster 5. It features 10 points of articulation is 7.5 inches tall and it comes in a large box patterned after a retro cereal box. Head over to Amazon while they are still available.

Premium Bi-Fold Wallet by The Ashdown Workshop

Price- $95
This is The Ashdown Workshops most premium hand made wallet featuring
  • Premium 5oz & 3oz veg-tan leather
  • Bi Fold design, easy size to fit in pocket
  • Can hold  up to 12 credit cards
  • Measures 4.5" x 3.5" x 1/2" in depth when folded
  • 100% handmade 
These wallets are supposed to get better with age and for only $95 it is worth the cash, especially since they are hand made. Head over to The Ashdown Workshop for ore details.

Quote of The Day

"Anyone who has never failed has never tried anything" -Albert Einstein

Ron English- Marilyn Monroe Poster

This poster was created from the work Ron English did for Status Factory in 2010. Its kind of weird but for some reason I like it, its what art is supposed to be at times, a bit of and not normal. You can get one of these posters over at Popaganda.

Jun 27, 2012

Others by Hypebeast- Featuring Self Edge [Video]

Hypebeast has put together these Other video features that talk with influential people. Here they profiled Johan Lam who is the co owner of Self Edge and 3sixteen the makers of quality Japanese denim. Its cool seeing behind the scenes and getting to know somewhat the person behind the brand. I thought it was worth watching.

Random Photo of The Day

Jun 26, 2012

Asics Gel Lyte III "Infrared"

Price- $125
I don't usually prefer shoes that aren't simple and mostly one color but for some reason I like these ones. The Asics Gel Lyte III "Infrared" has something about them that I know in person would look cool especially on my feet. These are available now at Overkill.

Source- KOF

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Collection

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter released their collection a week or three ago. I have been meaning to make a post about it but some how I didn't get around to it until now. The collection included three hats and a few tees each one done by different members I believe and then a few featuring the labels of each brand. The ones I liked the most are pictured above and below and two were actually on white tees which usually isn't my first choice for a screen tee but done nicely in this case. You can check out the full collection at The Seventh Letter or The Hundreds.

Sugar Frosted Fat Tony Open Edition by Ron English

This Tony the Tiger is definitely not as active as the one from the commercials. The concept behind this one says for years we look to the bottom of the boxes of cereal for toys, or at least you could before when they had toys in them. This is what would happen if Tony had to eat his way out instead of people digging him out. I'm really wanting to start a collection of my own and in the future hopefully this is part of that collection. It's available now at Pick Your Shoes.

Hall of Fame x Frank 151 x DOOM

Hall of Fame has teamed up with Frank 151 and musician DOOM to release this Limited Edition tee.
Its so limited that only 151 pieces are going to be made. They are going to be released on June 26th  in navy and white to coincide with the release of Frank 151 Chapter 48 book. Availability will be in store or online at Hall of Fame or Frank 151.

Jun 25, 2012

Paw! Raw Purely White Vinyl Toy

Price- $165
This is the first ever Raw art piece available from Coarse. I think it would be really cool to start collecting these type of vinyl toys that are collectibles and may be worth more cash in the future. The Paw is a cool ice looking monster that would be a great start to collection or fit in perfectly with an ongoing collection of these types of toys. You can purchase one of these now at Coarse HKG.

Frank 151 x New Era Fitted Hat

Price- $93
A nice release from Frank 151 x New Era that keeps it fresh and simple. The back side features the signature Frank 151 old school razor and he right side of the hats features Ben Franklin done in the white stitch as well. A bit pricey for a hat but its still cool and not everyone will be wearing it. Its available now at Amazing Store.

Source- SF

New Balance x New Era Fitted Hat

New Balance x New Era have dropped this fitted hat and just like their shoes is done very nicely with the two tone colorways. Their isn't much else to say about it other then its cool and you can get one here.


Bloodbath 187 Tee

Price- $26
Bloodbath kept it simple and to the point here with the 187 tee. I like tees like this but some people may be offended by it, however if your not one of those people and would like more details click over to Attic.

Random Photo of The Day

Quote of The Day

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day of your life." - Confucius

Uniform Experiment x TRAVERSE TOKYO x Robert Mapplethorpe Dollar Bill Tee

Price- $118
The reason for the price being so high is the fact that its a collaboration and its from Japan, or thats what I'm guessing it is. But Uniform Experiment x Traverse Tokyo x Robert Mapplethorpe have created a nice set of tees regardless of the outrageous price tag. To get more details or to see the other tees that are part of the collection head over to Traverse Tokyo.

Jun 22, 2012

All City Fitteds 06 Hype Killer Raglan Shirt 12 Edition

Price- $29
The image sucks but the shirt is cool. I really like the way the blood dripping is done here and I would definitely wear it. They are available at All City Fitteds.

BMW M5 Bullet High Performance Art [Video]

This is a neat video featuring the car of my Dreams the new BMW M5. The best part to me is when the M5 pops the giant balloons of water, in slow motion you can see the water in the shape of the balloons very cool and so is the car. 

Source- Hypebeast

Jun 21, 2012

Patta Crack Pub Tee

Price- $50
Whats not to like about this tee except the price. You got to like the Popeye blowing clouds from his pipe that spell CRACK. Look closer it says party and bullshit at the bottom. I really like this tee and you could too, they are available at Concepts now.

New Balance US574 "4th of July Pack"

Price- $120
Exclusively sold at Concepts and Unionmade are these New Balance 574 in honor of America's Independence. Altogether there are three colorways but my favorites are the ones pictured above. These will be available on June 30,2012, the site says in store only but there is a phone number given for questions. Head over to Concepts for more details.

Quote of The Day

"Action is the foundational key to all success." - Pablo Picasso

Patta Logo Script Hoody

Price- $110
The prices for a good hoody these days can really set you back a shit load of cash. I don't know exactly how heavy this one is but the simple Patta script in the white on heather grey makes it one cool hoody that may be worth the cash you have to drop to get it. If you got it buy it I would, go to Concepts for more details. 

Random Photo of The Day

Nike Air Huarache BBall 2012 Wolf Grey

Price- $189
The reason for the price on these being so much may be because they were one of the only places I seen to have this color and are available to order besides eBay. The thing I like about these is something I cant really explain, usually I don't like bright neon colors and I also don't care for these in any other color but for some reason these are some dope kicks in my opinion. If you think so too you can get more details over at Titolo

Jun 20, 2012

Mercedes Benz AMG Headquarters Virtual Tour

Yahwehs EYES New Era Snapback

Price- $77
This is a cool snapback I found browsing online. I never heard of the brand Yahwehs but they put together this cool hat and like finding new brands to follow. You can get more details about the hat just click here.

The Manhattan Project [Video]

Jun 17, 2012

Random Photo of The Day

09232011 by Charles Bergquist [video]

This is a cool video that shows how amazing HD video is especially in slow motion, but also how amazing it is for skaters to move the board with such ease. If you like visual videos this is one to watch.

Quote of The Day

"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes." - Mohandas Gandhi

Vans SK8-HI Notchback LX Inca Gold

Price- $90
I like the fact that Vans experiments with different things and doesn't just stick to one type of model. These are a perfect example and you can see it one the top of the toe part which kind of comes from the dressy shoes but works on these Vans. These are available now over at DQM.

Enlightened Ones Tee by Acropolis Apparel

Price- $28
One of the reasons I really respect Acropolis Apparel is they have an ongoing theme throughout the brand. They have tees that you can tell weren't just thrown together but took time and meant something. Being enlightened is a good thing and I wouldn't mind my tee saying it for me. If you would like more details head on over to Acropolis.

London Undercover x Staple Pigeon Umbrella

Price- $185
An umbrella is not something that I would usually post but this is one cool umbrella that I wouldn't mind actually using. The maker of fine accessories London Undercover has teamed up with Reed Space's Staple Pigeon for this one of a kind piece. It features custom premium double layer material, London Pigeon Monogram print with custom Staple Pigeon exterior,a beech wood shaft and handle, and a metal runner and tip cup. They are available now at Reed Space where you can also see more photos of it to get a better idea of why its not just a regular umbrella.

Jun 16, 2012

HUF Big H Snapback

Price- $32
Huf has released this hat that is simple and to the point like they should be. I tend to like red in things but if that's not your color they also have this same hat in a darker version, its blue or black I'm not exactly sure. But you can click on over to HUF and check out the hat above or look around for the darker one.

Yosemite Range of Light

XLARGE Pop art Tee

Price- $65
This is a cool tee from XLARGE that was inspired by pop art. It comes in most basic colors including the black from above, red, white, grey, navy, and yellow. The price may be a little steep but the tee is dope and may be worth the cash if you got it. Head over to Calif for more details.

Jun 11, 2012

Random Photo of The Day

French Lowrider by Alëxone Dizac

Price- $95
This is not just a toy but a work of art. Made from vinyl this features a low-riding penguin on a visually unique type of drive. I personally think its awesome and unlike anything I have ever seen. You can purchase this or get more details on Fancy which is where I saw it. If you don't have a Fancy account sign up by clicking here.

Quote of The Day

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day of your life." - Confucius

Crate of The Month [Competition]

The folks over at Sneakerpedia have started this Crate of The Month contest that wants to see your favorite collection of shoes. The contest is free to enter and the first place winner will get Nike Foamposite One “Galaxy,” a $300 Foot Locker gift card, and an exclusive Sneakerpedia t-shirt. The last day to enter is June 30, 2012 and the theme for this month is high tops. If you think you know what the greatest collection of high tops would look like then head over to Sneakerpedia for all the details and to enter

Jun 6, 2012

Lil Wayne- I Am Not A Human Being 2

Here is the tracklist and below that is the download link.

01.What Your Girl Like (Feat. Chris Brown)
02.My Homies Still (Feat. Big Sean)
04.Goulish (Pusha T Diss)
05.Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah (Ft. Chris Brown, Gucci Mane)
07.Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah (Feat. Chris Brown, Gucci Mane)
08.The Question
11.By Your Side (Feat. Brisco)
12.Why Stop Now
13.Thats What They Call Me
14.Fortune Teller (Feat. Mack Maine)
15.Yao Ming (Feat. David Banner, 2 Chainz)