May 22, 2009


Contails let's you synchronize contacts with mobile phone, back up contacts from mobile phone, import/export contacts from/to different sources, easily find and organize contacts, exchange and share contacts with friends.

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Clipta is an online video search that improves the quality and process of searching for videos on the web. The technology allows users to search, browse, navigate and discover videos from across the web, regardless of the source.

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Doodle Wall

Doodle Wall is a online drawing community that provides you with a huge virtual wall to draw on. It's also a great way to browse other drawings on other walls. You can create public walls that everybody can draw (even people who doesn't have an account) or private walls. If you choose private then only the people that you add to your friend list will be able to draw on.

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Find local guides to restaurants, hotels, travel and vacations on Ruba. Travelers and locals write guides with detailed pictures and maps of top attractions. Travel guides from thousands of cities around the world.

Click Here allows you to create your own music charts by (re)mixing the charts of more than 2500 radio stations, play the charts through, watch music videos, read the lyrics of your favorite songs and the bio of your favorite artists, find new music and radio stations that match your taste.

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May 18, 2009


This is a cool app that can add some cool affects to your pictures. You will need to install Adobe Air as well as the Tiltshift Air app but below I added some photos that show an example of what the app can do.


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May 10, 2009

This is a picture bookmarking website where you can bookmark your favorite pictures from around the internet and then share with others and also see what they are bookmarking as well. If you like to see different kind of pictures like I do then this will interest you for a while and may become one of your daily sites to visit.

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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

These head phones look hella tight  and I’m thinking about getting them but damn $300 is a lot for a pair of head phones but from what is said they are very high quality and worth it.


This is a great site for book lovers. It has everything you can possibly need to know about books from reviews to free e-books and its just a great book community thats just for book lovers so try it out.

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This is cool for people who would like their wallpapers made from the pictures they like. Its simple and easy to do not much more to say about it so give it a try

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M.I.A- Paper Planes

Asher Roth-Roth Boys

Asher Roth-Be By Myself Video

May 8, 2009

Bad Ass R.V.

This is the baddest R.V. I have ever seen in my life and you would have to be a real baller to really own one of these cuz it looks amazing inside and the garage on the bottom is just out of this world and I can only imagine what the guy who owns one of these does for a living cuz damn this shit is truly Luxury.


Bad Ass R.V.

Great List Of Things to See Online

This is a list this guy named Greg Rutter put together and its full of things that are of interest and funny and are popular or were once popular online so some of these you may have seen many of times and other you may have not so check it out and see for yourself.

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Photos that changed the World

I also found this website on Stumbleupon and I found it very interesting and looked at it for a while and saw some very interesting pictures that did define a lot of important times in history. So check it out yourself I put one picture below to give just an example of what you can see.

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Hong Kong Skyline

This is a tight ass picture of the Hong King Skyline that looks excellent and you can zoom in and out making it even more interesting to look at so check it out for yourself and you will see how clean and crisp the zooming comes out.

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I don't know if  I already  posted this before but I said the hell with it why not just put it .  Its like a search directory full of websites that may help you if your in need of something specific or just want to discover some new websites. So check it out and I’m sure it will be of use I found it good and use it often.

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Optical Illusion Cat

This is a cool picture or optical illusion type of thing that I found while I was on Stumbleupon and its really cool. You have to see it for yourself so click on the link below to have a look.

Check Out The Interesting Cat

If you need an icon then this is the site for you. If you like to customize all your icons or create themes or just like to have  extra icon on your computer then check this site out they have a cool selection and I think you will like what you see. 

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If you need to download some music then this is the site for you. You can just put who your looking for in the search box and your results will be shown. Then you are given the option to listen to the song, download the song, or share the songs with your friends and family or whoever you like. So if you looking for a specific song and other online radios are not playing the one you want to hear then this is perfect for you.

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