Mar 22, 2013

Mar 13, 2013

Random Photos of The Day

Maxim Magazine- April 2013 [Download Here]

You can download the latest issue of Maxim Magazine by clicking one of the links below.


Hall of Fame Madness Tee

Price- $32
Hall of Fame has this March Madness themed tee that I thought was cool. The graphic is done in a 3M reflective graphic that give it some an extra touch of madness. This is exclusively available right now only at 12flvrs.

Ultimate Wake-Up Prank Compilation

Some pretty funny pranks on here.

White Edition Bad Apple Cardboard Spaceship-Exclusive from GOIN x Mighty Jaxx

Price- $100
This would be an interesting piece to own to me for some reason. I appreciate the creativity and the outcome is cool and that's a word I never thought I would use when talking about anything related to Snow White. They are set to only make 50 pieces and it would be a good one to have. You can check out the source by clicking on the link below but a direct link to where you can one at I don't have but feel free to Google if your interested in actually purchasing one.

Source- Toys R Evil

Mar 9, 2013

HUF 'Fuck It" Slip-on Shoes

A while back I posted the Fuck It boxers, and now here are the shoes to go with them. HUF has release this Fuck it slip-ons and I would proudly wear these shoes around. Made from a vulcanized rubber sole with a printed canvas upper and featuring a breathable mesh interior lining and a unique tongue system. Available now in select sizes at HUF.

Mar 2, 2013

Grenade Screw Driver Set

I'm sure there has been a time when you needed a screw driver and you just couldn't find one. Or maybe you found one but it was the wrong kind. This cool hand grenade screwdriver set would come in handy and it includes a driver, small, medium, and large Phillips and flathead-style bits. The tips stay inside with the help of a magnet so no bits will be lost . Whether you actually want to use this or you think its cool like I do you can get it now over at Amazon.

Source-Gear Culture