Aug 30, 2010

Sk8 Hi Lx (Filson) Vans


Price – $95

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Mad Men S04 Ep06- Watch it here

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Entourage S07 Ep09–Watch it here Tags: ,
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The Killer Inside Me–2010 watch it here

This movie was released this year and Jessica Alba is in it and it’s a little slow but if you have time to waste check it out. You can get more info by clicking on the link below.

Movie Info

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The Best Years of Our Lives–1946 Watch it here

Movie Info

This is another oscar winning movie from back in the days and its worth checking out if you don’t mind watching old movies.Its about three guys who go back home from war and how they handle going back to their normal life. Click on the link above for complete details. Tags: ,
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Aug 29, 2010

Converse Jack Purcell High at Concepts


Go to Concepts

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Price- $109

I never usually like any Reeboks but I like these they are simple but still enough to make me want to sport a pair. Click below to get more info.

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Yosemite National Park Timelapse

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Nike Auto Trainers


These look alright and they have a different look then most other Nikes that are like them . I’m thinking it’s the way they did the colors but whatever it is I would sport them. Click below for more info

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UNDFTD JEAN by Undefeated

un (2)

Price – $98

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Biggest Football Fail Tags: ,
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Camaro vs. Shelby GT

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One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest–Watch it here

Movie Info and Information

I have always thought of Jack Nicholson as an over rated actor but after seeing this movie my opinion has changed quite a bit. This  movie really shows off his abilities as an actor and now I see why he gets the credit that he gets as an actor. This is also a oscar winner for best picture in 1975. So check it out its worth watching if you have spare time. Tags: ,,
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Aug 28, 2010

Random Song of The Day–Linkin Park

I posted the new video as well and if you want to download the song only then click on the link below.

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Stripper Pole Fail

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Price – $28

Go to Undefeated now

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Dior homme W Color Belt


Price – $398

At this price this belt is for people with MONEY and so much of it that they want to blow almost $400 on a simple belt. But it looks cool and click below for more info.

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Hall Of Fame H Lightning Hat


Price –$45

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Key Hero–Online typing test

If you need to practice at your typing speed then this may be a useful site. You can keep track of your WPM and accuracy and it will also help you understand what type of mistakes you make. Check it out just click the link below.

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WobZIP–Uncompress files online


If you don’t want to install a win-rar type of app on your computer then WobZip may come in handy for you. Below are som basic features and below that is the link to get to wobzip.

  • Maximum file size:
  • Formats supported:

Go to WobZIP now

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Neighborhood x Crazy Pig Skull Ring


I’m not much of a ring wearer but I would wear this one. I didn’t see a price but click on the link below to read the original source.

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Random Photo Of the Day


Aug 27, 2010

Simple Note- Note Taking Web app


If you are in need of an easy to use note taking web app then you may want to check out Simple Note. Its your basic note taking web app and its worth checking out especially the downloads section where you can get apps instead of just the web app interface. Click the link below to check it out.

Go to SimpleNote

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At All Costs Tee by Breezy Excursion


Price – $28

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Air Jordan 1 Armor


These are set to release in December of this year and I really like them . The foamposite design is cool and they also have a pair of Air Forces made in foam as well but I think these look better and you can click the link below for more info.

Click here for more info

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Doc L/S by The Hundreds


Price – $64

Click here to go to the Hundreds

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CMFT Viz Air 11 Shoes


This is a different spin on the Jordan 11’s and they look almost like a pair of air Max’s crossed with the 11’s.  Click on the link below to head over to Nike and read more.

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The Big Bomb War Tee From Diatonics


Price – $18

Click here to go to Diatonics Shop

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OriginalFake X Pinocchio Tee


The Page has to be translated to read more about it but the link is below.

Go to Invincible now

Aug 23, 2010

2Tone Yankees New Era Custom Fitted Hat


Price – $34

Click here to go to Hat Club Now

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Apple Ipad Video

I saw this on T.v. and at the end they show how you can see the stars and shit. No one can deny that this is one of the coolest gadgets ever created. Tags: ,
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2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Video

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Sleek Audio SA6 In-Ear Earphones


  • Standard Cable: 60 inches
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • DC Resistance: 24 ohm
  • Speaker Type: Ultra Wide Band Balanced Armature Driver with Custom Porting
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB SPL/mW

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Messy Marv and Berner–Blocks and Boat Docks (Download Here)



01. Well Connected (prod by Cozmo)
02. Dolla’s feat Sho Boat (prod by Cozmo)
03. Blow feat Joe Blow (prod by Maxwellsmart)
04. Picture Me feat Brisco & Cozmo (prod by Cozmo and D Wells)
05. Blow Money feat Killa Keise & Freeze (prod by Maxwellsmart)
06. Warrior feat San Quinn & Ampichino (prod by Maxwellsmart)
07. Heard About Me feat B-Legit, Jacka & Rocka Boy (prod by Cozmo)
08. I Get It feat Yukmouth & Lee Majors (prod by Maxwellsmart & Cozmo)
09. City Shit feat Killa Keise, Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty & Buchanan (prod by Genneesse)
10. Whip Cream feat Freeze & Smiggs (prod by Cozmo)
11. High Speed feat Ampichino (prod by Pak Slap)
12. Everything Is Wrong feat Equipto (prod by Cozmo)
13. How I Ride feat San Quinn & Matt Blaque (prod by Cozmo)
14. Gold Club feat J-Stalin & Gold Toes (prod By Sean T)
15. V4 feat Freeze & Maserati Rick (prod by Maxwellsmart)
16. Vision feat J-Stalin (prod by Cozmo)

Download Here

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Supreme 2010 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook

Sent to you by JOE Knows via Google Reader:

via Hypebeast by Eugene Kan on 8/23/10
                                            supreme 2010 fall winter collection lookbook 1 Supreme 2010 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook Supreme and popular skater Jason Dill align for Supreme's 2010 Fall/Winter collection lookbook. The various looks represent some trademark Supreme with themes ranging from traditional workwear aesthetics to some more refined outfits. As always, a good understanding of Supreme's intended styling also gives us a good idea of the direction set forth for this season. The collection will release Saturday, September 4th in Japan and the US with online sales beginning September 9th after 11AM EST.
See more at Supreme 2010 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook
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Things you can do from here:

Roger Federer trick shot Tags:
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Random Song of The Day–Limp Bizkit


Artist- Limp Bizkit

Song- It’ll Be Okay

Album-Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

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The View T-Shirt by The Hundreds


Price- $30

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Random Photo of The Day


I wish people would really do what this photo says and stop worrying about other peoples lifes. I also hate when a fucked up person spends all their time thinking other people give a fuck about them and talk about them all day when in reality they are the only ones talking about people like they are getting paid to do it and in their mushed useless mind some how they make up stories to justify what they made up in the first place.

Damn it sounds kind of confusing to be fucked up like that but if they did like it says above and live their own life they might just be a little less fucked up.

Aug 20, 2010