Dec 29, 2009

ZAGG Z. buds Headphone & Mic for iPhone

These must be a great product if they were honoree at CES 2009. I don't own a iPhone myself but I am always good to recommend a product that sounds like a great one to use. So if you do own an iPhone click on the Amazon link above and buy a pair for your own use

Gold "Supreme" PS3 Costs $319,000, Plus Your Dignity

Now this is something only a super baller could buy here is what was said about it.

Was that $490,000 gold Wii on the wrong side of the allegiance for you? Thankfully Goldstriker's now offering a 22ct-gold-and-diamond-studded PS3, letting you take on the terrorists in MW2 the proper way.
Only three have been made, so you better get your skates on if the 1,600 grams of solid 22ct gold and 58 0.50ct diamonds-decorated console is just the living room accessory you've been after. Only £199,995 ($319,104)—a veritable steal in comparison to the Wii. But how much will the Xbox 360 version set us back, and can we get a refund when the inevitable RROD happens? [Stuart Hughes via Goldstriker]

Dec 25, 2009

Air Jordan Shoe Collection

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Asia Pictures

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World of Goo – PC Game


At first I thought this game looked hella dumb and didn’t even want to try it out but I had downloaded the free demo on the Wii and since the only game I had owned at the time was the free Wii Sports that had came with the system. So I was sick of the Sports so I decided to give the World of Goo a chance and I was surprised to learn that there is actually a point and it wasnt so dumb after all. So browsing on forums I saw it was available for the PC so I had to download and it runs great on Windows 7 32-bit so if you want it for your PC then follow the link below.

Get World of Goo now

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Virtual NES – Nintendo In Your Web Browser


If you are a big fan of Super Mario Brothers 3 from the original NES then I’m sure this website you be something you will want to see. First I thought for sure they were rip off homebrew type versions of the game but trying it out proved me wrong. These are the real games working in your web browser using Java. the only thing you may have to get used to is using the keyboard for a controller but I’m sure if you already play games then it should be no big deal. The games you can choose from are the top games like Zelda , Contra, Paperboy, and of course the Mario Bros 3 so click on the link below to check it out.

Go There now

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Dec 23, 2009

Boston Red Sox Wool Coaches Jacket


 I think this jacket is hella tight and I would like to own one myself so I thought I would post it because it’s not everyday you see a nice jacket that you would recommend. Its going for a little over $200 but if you have the money it looks well worth it especially for the cold were are having this year. If you are interested the link is below.

Get it now!

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Dec 17, 2009

Interesting Site To Look At

I cant really explain so here is the link check it out for yourself and it may be interesting for at least a few seconds. 

Check The Site Out Now

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Dec 15, 2009

Albumart – CD and DVD cover’s search


If you hate having songs in your media collection without their album art then this is for you. You just simply search for an artist and the pictures will come up then just simply save the picture then set it for your album cover from your media player. They also have DVD covers as well so if you need a movie cover as well I think you may be able to find it there. All though you could just do an image search the same way this does make it a little easier by having them all on the same page. So click the link below to check it out.

Go to

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Dec 10, 2009

Wii remote through a t.v.

Microsoft Live Labs Pivot


This is a Live Lab from Microsoft that you do need an install code to use but I have included it in the .rar and its good for nine more people to use so if you want to try it out go ahead  and download the link below to test it out.

Get Pivot Now

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Your Alcoholic Buzz From A Pill


Russian professor Evgeny Moskalev of Saint Petersburg Technological University has evolved a technique that allows turning alcohol into powder and packing it in pills. The new technique can solidify any kind of alcohol, including whisky, cognac, wine and beer. The new technique can solidify any kind of alcohol, including whisky, cognac, wine and beer.

“Dry” vodka can be wrapped in paper and carried around in a pocket or a bag. Vodka in form of a pill would come handy at parties when “consumers” would be able to calculate their exact required dosage.

It’s true they are going to have alcohol such as Vodka, Whisky, Wine, and Cognac available in a pill form for those who really cant stand the disgusting taste of today’s alcohol. I know one reason that I don’t is the taste I think its something that you really need to get accustom to. Here is a quote from the site and follow the link to read the whole story.

Full Article

Nice Aston Martin

Monster Pictures

A Few Good Heidi Klum Pic’s


Dec 7, 2009

Ninja Video - Great Site For T.V. & Movies

This is one of my personal favorite's that I use alot when I want to watch any t.v. show online. I barely realized that I havent talked about it one time so I finally decided to post something about it. So I highly recommend this is you need a site to watch t.v. or movies.

Nov 26, 2009

Intel i9- Six core CPU's

I saw this article that I thought I would post the link so you al can read it for yourself but Intel has now got 6 cores on one CPU which to me is an amazing accomplishment. If your not into computers like I am then I know you dont give a shit but if you know about CPU's then you may want to check it out the link is below.

Click here

Media Cope - All in one media player

This is truly an all in one media player that is full of features. Its an all in one audio & video player, cutter, converter as well doing photo resizing, cutting, and converting. This is  free and a great tool to use if you need any of the features that it does so click below to go to the site and learn more about it.

Get it now, go to

Opera 10.10 - Web Server and Browser

This is a new feature that other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer dont have. Opera has a web server thats built right into the web browser. There are so many cool looking features that I recommend going to the site and seeing for yourself. Go Here to see the list of features.  So if you want to try out something new and your ready to get started click the link now.

Click here to download now

Fishbowl - Facebook Client

If you need a Facebook client for you Windows computer then this might be for you. Its fast and very clean looking and one of the best that s out there. Right now it is a experimental demo program but it is free so that makes it worth trying out. See for yourself if you want to download click the link below.

Get Fishbowl

Nov 20, 2009

n146326093943_7946 is a web application  music player where users can quickly find, listen to, build, and share playlists of their favorite artists' music. TubeRadio is based on the music library of YouTube, making it simple to find the exact song that you may be looking for. So check it out and click below.
Go to

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Nov 17, 2009

Call of Duty:MW2 Multiplayer Gameplay

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Woman Shows face after attacked by a Chimp

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Shakira-Give it up to me

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PhotoJoy is another place where you can turn your pictures into collages, desktop widgets, or 3D screensavers for your very own computer. Just get the download and install to you computer and select the folders that your pictures are in. You then can choose to create widgets showing slideshows or activate a collage to be made form your pic’s that will show on your desktop. There is also a website that you can look to see what other collages, screensavers or widgets or out there for you to use if you aren't satisfied with what comes installed. Its a free download so that's always a reason to try it out even if you don't need it. But hit the link below and check it out.


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Nov 16, 2009

Do American Indians Still Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the sides sounds like a great meal to eat on right now. I think this is my second favorite holiday meal only because I really like tamales and Christmas is the only time I eat them so they taste even better. But I wonder if Indian’s still celebrate it even though they helped start it but to me they definetely got the short end of the stick. They showed the white folks how to get food to eat and basically adapt to their new surroundings and be able to survive and grow as they were newly developed colonies.In the end we all know what happened they got screwed for their land and now get to set up Casino’s on the little bit of land they do have.

Although they are rich in ways of money I’m sure they have to feel a little uneasy about celebrating a holiday that they co-created then in a way got stabbed in the back in way that led there people into there own limited areas. But my only question is do Indians still recognize Thanksgiving and if they do has it ever ran thorough there mind that they could have been the mean ones and forced the white man into only a limited amount of space and they would have been in control instead of being somewhat betrayed by people who they thought together shared nothing but thanks for each other. If anyone has any sort of insight please share!

Clipnabber- Download Megavideo Video’s

If you hate the time limit that Megavideo has on its videos then you may want to check this out. You simply paste the url for the video in the box then click on ‘Nab It’. For most other video sites that's the only step but with Megavideo and Vreel there is an additional step you have to do. You need to go to the video’s page then right click outside of the video player and select the option to see the page’s code. Select all the code and then paste it where Clipnabber is telling you to put it then select ‘Nab It’ again and the download link will appear just click on it and start your download. Thats it you can now watch it without those irritating time limits.

Go to Clipnabber now


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If you want to make cool abstract backgrounds then this is the site for you. Its all set up in your browser so you can select from background textures, lots of abstract and grunge elements, as well as text you may want to add to your background. You can also mess with the coloring and saturation and things like that. When your all done you can download the wallpaper you created or you can browse the gallery and see what other visitors have made. Its free and requires no registration so check it out if you like.



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Jinni- Video Recommendation


If you need some video recommendations then this should be for you.They offer recommendations based on plot,time period, setting, mood and other options with the search results displayed as images. They intergrate Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and other online movie services. You can search for free but to use other features requires sign-up but check it out if you think you will use this.



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CeeVee- Online Resume Creator


 There are other online resume creators around but this one has a few other cool things that the rest don't have. You can auto fill your resume from your Facebook account if you have that info on there and PDF export is available as well as the other basic text editing tools. If you would like to share the resume they even give you a link directly to it (ex: embeddable badges for your site if needed. To use it you need to sign up but it is free and worth the time if you need to get your resume created and out there to employers.



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Nov 10, 2009

Tintii- Cool Photo Tool

 This is a cool tool that comes as a standalone or plug-in for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. The standalone which I used is free but the plug-in will run you about $16 to be activated. Basically what this does it let you make certain colors or your photo appear in color and the rest in black and white. I think when done correctly this feature makes pictures look really creative and cool at the same time. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to be a pro to use this and it’s easy for just about anyone to use. So if you want to try it download it for yourself or get the plug-in but when stuff is free it just seems like its a lot better so click here and check it out for yourself.

Get Tintii Now


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I have been meaning to blog about this for a while now but for some reason I kept on forgetting. But I wanted to let you all know about a program called LIVEBRUSH from Adobe and it runs on Air which is from Adobe as well. You can create anything you can think of with the drawing tools they give you and the way it works is really cool. I cannot really describe what exactly caught my attention its just something that once you use it for yourself then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. So if you think you can make some use if this or like me you like to just mess around and doodle because I am not an artist at all and will never make anything but I seen some things other people made and they were great. But download it and install it if you think you want to try and I have Windows 7 and it works just fine so head over to the site and read more about it if you like.

Go to now

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Windows 7- Highly Recommended


I am very surprised that I forgot to highly recommend one of the most talked about releases in computer world over the past months and of course I mean Windows 7. First off I want to say that I never thought that there was much wrong with Vista in the first place yeah it may have ran almost 90 processes and took forever to start up but it worked fine for me. When I bought my laptop it came with Vista Premium and I was very excited to get started and see what was new and what it could to. I was satisfied and thought my laptop ran cool by the way its a Sony VGN-AR605e. I have a 256mb Nvidia graphics and 4gb of ram even though it only uses 3 but I’m ok with that. and last but not least an Intel Core 2 Duo 7200 I think. But its the best computer I have ever owned and now I love it even more that I have Windows 7 Ultimate running very smoothly on it.. m_6799475689c0305673fa0bffed73fe6b

I would like to also say thanks to Microsoft for sending it to me free of charge all I did was have a lil get together and I got the upgrade completely free. But I first installed the 64 bit version but had some trouble with my graphics card driver. I thought it was the 64 bit that was causing the problem so I quickly reinstalled the 32 bit version but found out that the same graphics problem existed. But I am computer savvy enough to figure things out and got my graphics problem fixed and I was amazed at what a difference 7 had made. It runs no where near the same amount of processes and just runs quiet and smoothly like XP did but with the new updated look we need for today’s world. But over all I just wanted to let anyone who has been thinking about upgrading to go for it you will see a major difference and enjoy using 7 more then Vista. Although you may have to buy your upgrade I think it would be well worth the money once you see the way it runs. So what are you waiting for get the upgrade or get a whole new computer which by now should already come with it..

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Oct 31, 2009

Inside the mind of an LSD user

This is a weird video that I seen  on You Tube and thought it was something that I don’t see that often online  so knew it was something I had to post on here. So check it out.

Oct 29, 2009

Paranormal Activity

paranormal-activity-movie-poster12This movie is worth watching but its not something I would say is scary. I watched it in complete darkness with only my headphones and laptop on and I wasn’t scared one time. But I know that some people may get scared from movies like this but it’s not at all but still worth checking out. So if you want to download the original which came out in 2007 then follow the link below and then download those links.

 Paranormal Activity 300MB

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If your a person who likes to stay updated on crime going on in your entire city or just your area then this would be great for you. This will give you updates when available on most crimes such as homicide, robbery, breaking and entering, theft, sexual offenses all by default. You have the option to add other crimes such as arson and some others you can select from a list. Everything is color coded with flags and everything is easy to read on a map

Welcome To

Oct 28, 2009

Paris Photo Album

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How A Ferrari is built!! Watch the whole process.

I was just browsing HULU when I found this and actually watched the whole thing from start to finish and was amazed at the process these cars go through. I know why the price for the car is $200,000 because the detail they put into everything from making the engine from scratch to the leather seats and the stitching the whole process is something to see. The whole 45 minutes I wished  could just test drive one of these cars one day. But check the video out if you like.

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Oct 22, 2009

Winter Themed Pictures

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My Coke Rewards Codes


I have been doing the Coca-Cola bonus points thing since it started and to this day still go out of my way to collect caps when ever I see them. But then I got this idea to post them here on my blog to hopefully drive a little traffic and get my blog out there a little bit. So here goes two codes and if it works there will definitely be more codes to come.



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Kanye West - “We Were Once A Fairytale”

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X-Ray Photo’s

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The Hills – Season 6 Episode 4

For some reason this show is interesting to me so I watch it and maybe you might want to check it out also.

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Black People Are Racist Also!

I been  meaning to write this for some time now but if anyone saw the MTV Video Music Awards that just past then I'm sure you seen Kanye West make a complete racist  ass of himself. All I have to say is first off if Taylor swift was black I’m almost positive that Kanye would have not ran on the stage and did what he did. The only reason he did it was because she was white and beat out one of the most famous black people around. Also the video for single ladies was huge and on the internet and t..v. everywhere but Taylor Swift was also played on MTV and internet as well. For a country singer to even be nominated says something and I don’t think it out of the realm of possibilities or anything so far gone that she did win.


I also wanted to say that say if Beyonce did win and a white man went up there and said I think someone else deserved the award because they had one of the greatest videos ever made I can only imagine the hysteria that the black community would make. I’m sure they would have had the damn NAACP involved  and want to start some civil rights bullshit or some type of blown out of proportion drama that would have made me sick of hearing about in the media. But with all that said I believe when things like this happen that black people are just as racist as any

other ethnic group and maybe just as rude because how do you interrupt someone's acceptance  speech at an awards show. But Kanye got his karma and his tour got cancelled so it turns out it don't pay to be racist and damn karma is a bitch you don't want to mess with.Also almost forgot to say that what beyonce did at the end and let Swift go back on stage and finish her speech shows how cool she may just be in real life.


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