Jun 26, 2010

Nixon Newton Black


Price- $100

click here to go to active ride shop now

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pRICE - $25

Click here for more info or to order

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Cant Stop Tee - By Orisue


Price - $ 25

Click here to go to the Orisue online store

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Ransom The Strata For The 2010 Fall/Winter


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via Style Engine by rthomas on 6/25/10

Ransom's footwear by adidas Originals, is introducing this new silhouette to their collection, The Strata, has a classic look, with a mix of materials from leather to canvas and coming in four different color schemes, including black, white, red, and navy. The release date on these should be somewhere in August.

ransom-footwear-adidas-originals-strata-2 ransom-footwear-adidas-originals-strata-1


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Jun 22, 2010

PF Flyers Archival Reissue High Tops

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PF Flyers Archival Reissue High Tops – Glide White / Black

via KicksOnFire.com by Kevin on 6/15/10

Shown here are three of PF Flyer's most popular silhouettes, including the Bob Cousy Hi, Glide, and Center Hi. The Bob Cousy will release in two simple colorways, as well as an all green pair which has been dubbed the Celtics colorway. The Glide silhouette comes in white / black and white / green, while the Center Hi comes in several designs, including natural, red, navy, black, and grey, all of which are constructed from canvas.

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) – Miles Davis – Photo Blue / White – Black – Metallic S...

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via KicksOnFire.com by Kevin on 6/21/10

We first featured this pair of Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) – Miles Davis last week, but now have information about their availability. We have found out that they are available for purchase now at Nike's Online Store. The upper is seemingly doused with a photo blue hue, while white, black, and metallic silver accents help add some depth to the design. They are definitely eye catching, and come with the retail price of $130.

Jun 20, 2010

M.I.A.- Steppin Up

This song sounds like there are hella things going on inside of a tire shop while they are open for business and the outcome is a cool offbeat song that will grow on you just don’t stop listening just because it doesn’t sound like everything your used think outside your ipod for a sec and give it a try.

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BG Lockup Hoody -By Benny Gold


This is a simple but just enough to be cool hoody from Benny Gold. I was going to put the price but I read some where not to put prices so i guess you would need to click the link below to get more info or ordering information.

Click here to go to the benny gold online store

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Blackhawks 2-Tone - NHL Hat


Click on the link below to see more info or to order.

Click here to go to Exo Shop

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The Multiplier Tee - By Superb


Click here to go to Karmaloop now

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Crooks & Castles + COMMON WEALTH sAINTS tEE

hhh - Copy nnnn - Copy

tHIS IS A COLLABORATION BETWEEN cROOKS & cASTLES AND cOMMONWEALTH AND THEY CAME TOGETHER to create this tee that you see right here. If you are interested in seeing more info or to order your own click on the link below.

Click here to go to commonwealth

Jun 16, 2010

Mexican Wrestler socks fan for trying to unmask him

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Dissizit- CR Bear Back New Era Hat

cr  crr

Being from California this is a bad ass hat and even though I’m not much of a hat wearer myself I can still appreciate a nicely made cap. Its from a Japanese or Chinese website but if you have the Google toolbar or any toolbar installed on your browser then I’m sure you will be able to translate it somehow. So check it out by clicking on the link Below.

Click here to see more info

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Pastime Deep - Philadelphia Phillies


This is a cool retro phillies hat from American Needle which I think is real cool. Click on the link below to head over to the American Needle for more info.

Go to American Needle now

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Jun 15, 2010

Samsung Mobile Games


There are 75 games in this pack and I hope they work out for who ever downloads this

Click here to download now

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Wallpaper Pack

Here are a few misc. wallpapaers that I downloaded from a forum that I visit alot.

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Orisue - Still Around Tee


This is a Cool new tee from Orisue and its a reasonable price considering some tees these days go for over $30. Click the link below to see more info or to order.

Go to Orisue Online Store now

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Marijuana Wallpapers

If any stoner’s out there need a few wallpapers here is a album that I downloaded froma forum and I’m just sharing it .

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Assassins Creed:Brotherhood E3 Trailer

Amazing Drawing Done With a Regular Pen

How anyone has the creativity to do this with a regular ink pen a will never know but some very neat shit.

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Lexus’ Roar Makes a Glass Break

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Jun 13, 2010

James doing the C-Walk

This is my cousin doing what  he thinks is the C-Walk.

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Funny Saved By The Bell Moment

This was funny because they have her acting like she is on some major dope and she is just taking nodos or something. Just funny the way the make it so dramatic

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Crooks and Castles CA New Era Fitted Cap


Price -$40

The California logo on the back is hella cool and Crooks and Castles are representing cali which makes it all good. If you want to order one look below and click that link.

Click here to go to trueclothing.net and order

The Force Unleashed 2 Trailer

This looks hella real and from the looks of it this game is going to be the shit. I wish I could have the force in real life I would be fucking shit up or light sabering people in halve. Anyways the game is in stores October 26th

Photos From A Mexican Drug Lords Bust



These are just pictures of the money click on the link below to see more photos of all the shit they found. These mother fuckers had lions and other wild animals, bad ass houses,hella guns some even made from gold, and more money then even I could possibly know what to do with. Even though they will most likely never see the light of day as a free man they sure were living it up and living like a true baller I just wonder if they think it was worth it.

Go here for more photos

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Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me

I was wondering who sang this song when I heard it on the Radio and to my surprise it was a whiteboy. But the video is kind of cool with the 3d effects and the girl from fantasy factory chANEL IS IN THE VIDEO ALSO.

Jun 11, 2010

Puma CHALK Ping Pong Table


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via Complex Blog by intern on 6/3/10

CHALK_1-low-resThe design consultant firm aruliden partnered with Puma to develop and create CHALK, a new ping pong table that is better looking than any ping pong table you've ever ping-ponged on. Each table is handmade and features a chain-link net and a ceramic chalk surface that is great for keeping score, writing obscenities, or calling dibs on the next game. CHALK becomes available tonight exclusively at NYC's The Conran Shop for $3,900, and is coming soon online to [conranusa.com]. Hit the jump for more photos.



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Jun 10, 2010

Basilica of Santissima Annunziata del Vastato Panorama


This is a panorama of a church that looks huge and shows great detail zooming in or out. If you want to see it in its full view click on the link inside the box that says viewat.org or click the link below.

Click here to go to viewAt.org

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Air Jordan Alpha 1 Outdoor ‘For the Love of the Game’


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via KicksOnFire.com by donwont on 6/10/10

This For the Love of the Game Pack is shaping up to be something epic. The Outdoor 2010 was the first model we got to see but now a new crowd favorite is given the distinction and it lives up lovely.

The Air Jordan Alpha 1 Outdoor is given the University Blue flavored upper to coincide with the drop and we can't find a flaw in this thing yet. Aside from the coloring and white outsole the other cool features are the ankle strap with that Jordan 2010 flavored scribbling on it and the packs logo lacing the heel. These are definitely dope. Via Nicekicks


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Crooks & Castles New Era Summer 2010 Hats


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The first summer installment of Crooks n Castles New Era's have now made there way to Attic Onlines web shop. You will see a total of six new interesting styles such as the Chain C,  The Pirate C, the Devil C, and the Core Logo. Visit Attic online to grab one of yours.


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Jun 4, 2010

The Fuck Your Clique Tee by Truimvir

Triumvir-The Fuck Your Clique Tee in Black & Green

This is a cool idea that looks like an eye exam but it defintely says something that no other exam says. Im thinking the saying came from a 2pac song, more then likely it certainly does. Overall I would wear the shirt it gets a thumbs up an a post to recommend it right here.

Price - $28

Go to Karmaloop now