Sep 28, 2012

HUF Plantlife Socks

Price- $12
I personally have never had a pair of socks with any type of print on them, but I would mind these being the first. What goes better on socks then a leaf from everyone's favorite plant. They are available in several different colorways, you can see them all here.Twelve bucks is fuckin expensive for a pair of socks but if you got the cash and are a devoted stoner cop yourself a pair now over at HUF.

The Art of Storytelling [Book]

Price- $25
The Art of Storytelling is a book series about graffiti, outsider art, and unpopular culture. I really like the graphics and the video above shows you a detailed look at exactly whats inside. The book features interviews and story gathering from big names in the underground scene, that took about two and a half years to complete. They are available now here.

Quote of The Day

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. -Confucius

Random Photo of The Day

Super Hieroglyphic Sunglasses

Price- $220
Super are the makers of great quality sunglasses that are unique in their own way. Here they use hieroglyphics on a gold background to make these really stand out. They are available in two different styles the People and the Flat Top (both shown above). Other features include:
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% UV/UVB Protection
  • Premium Zeiss Lenses
  • Can be made into RX Sunglasses or 
  • clear RX Eyeglasses
  • limited releases 
  • Size: 55-18-145 (5 1/2" across front of frame at its widest)
For more details click on the following links to get more details on which ever pair you like, the People or Flat Top.

Source- Hypebeast

Pilpeled Ash Tee

Price- $34
I was browsing the web and came across this brand called Pilpeled. The Ash tee (shown above) caught my eye and I would definitely wear it. Making the pit-bulls look like some Arab thugs may not sound like a good idea, but here they really made it work. Check it out over at Pilpeled.

A Hand Lettering Experience [Video]

If you enjoy seeing great typography then I'm sure you will enjoy this video just as much as I did. They show a Bob Dylan song done in a bunch of cool hand drawn drawing that say words from the song. 

Sep 22, 2012

The Coolest Keys Ever Made [Good Worth and Co. - Best Wishes and Sweat Leaf Keys]

Price- $8
Good Worth & Co. are the makers of the best keys possibly ever made. The Sweat Leaf Key and the Best Wishes are unique and creative in their on way and how sick would this look on your key-ring.They are available now at Good Worth & Co. just click on the links above. Also check out the Shooter Key shown below, which I almost missed some how but its another key worth dishing out $8 for.

A$AP Rocky – A$VP C4 Documentary

Source- HighSnobiety

Playboy October 2012 [Download Here]

Nike Woodridge Supreme 6

Price- $310.50
I don't personally own a pair of boots but if I did I would like them to be these Nike Woodridge Supreme 6. Made from premium leather that looks real quality made and done nicely in a dark grey colorway and a goodyear welted sole, which should make them hella comfortble. They are available at Caliroots.

Source- FreshnessMag

Quote of The Day

"One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it." - Persian Proverb

PC World- September 2012 [Download]

Original Fake Spot Tee 2

Price- $80
I personally think Original Fake is one of the best brands out there, unfortunately I don't own any of their pieces due to their high prices. But I still like and respect what they do as a brand and when I can afford it one day in the future I will have plenty of pieces to make up for lost times. So for now I will just stick to posting the cool shit they have including this Spot Tee 2 which is available now at Juice.

PAX Portable Vaporizer by Ploom

Price- $250
Ploom has made the PAX a portable vaporizer that is hella expensive but looks cool from what I seen from its website. Made from anodized aluminum for a quality product, with a stainless steel air chamber, and the ability to heat up in about 30 seconds make it sound almost worth the $250 they are asking for it. It got great reviews from owners of the device and if you would like more details for yourself head over to Ploom.

Source- Selectism

Nuts Magazine- September 2012

This is a magazine from the U.K. but since Kim Kardashian is on it and inside as well it's worth a look. Click the links to download.

Download Here

Sep 21, 2012

Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor II [The Great American Rap Album]

1. Ayesha Says (Intro)
2. Strange Fruition Ft. Casey Benjamin
3. ITAL (Roses)
4. Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)
5. Audubon Ballroom
6. Bitch Bad
7. Lamborghini Angels
8. Put Em Up
9. Heart Donor Ft. Poo Bear
10. How Dare You Ft. Bilal
11. Battle Scars ( with Guy Sebastian)
12. Brave Heart Ft. Poo Bear
13. Form Follows Function
14. Cold War Ft. Jane $$
15. Unforgivable Youth Ft. Jason Evigian
16. Hood Now (Outro)
17. Things We Must Do For Others

Download Here

Random Photo of The Day

TITS Brand x Estevan Oriol x Jessica "Rabbit" Kylie x Silencer Tee [Video]

Jessica "Rabbit" Kylie teamed up with TITS x Estevan Oriol on the Silencer tee. They also released this video that you got to check out. She is fucking hot as hell and that should be enough said to make you want to press play. The tee should be available when the TITS online store goes back up, as of right now it is down due to maintenance but I will keep you updated on the shirts availability for now enjoy the video.

Estevan Oriol T-Shirt's

Price- $26
If you have ever wanted a t-shirt that has a sexy lady with real nice ass then here it is. Estevan Oriol, who is a photographer and director from Los Angeles, is also the maker of some cool tees that I wouldn't mind wearing, in fact I would enjoy it.I respect his work, being Mexican myself it is cool to see other Hispanic people doing their thing and being successful and creative t the same time. You can get the Wifey tee (shown above), the Corset tee (shown below), and the Armed tee all feature hot ladies in hot poses and who wouldn't want that on the front of their shirt. They are all available now over at Estevan Oriol, just click on the links above to check them out.

Sep 14, 2012

The Subculture of Screen Printers [Video]

This is a cool video that shows the screen printing process that gives you a look behind the scenes and what it takes to make t-shirts. 

Source- HideYourArms

Quote of The Day

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.   -Vince Lombardi

Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones

Price- $99
To me Shure headphones are one of the best if not the best makers of quality headphones. Using basic headphones such as the white apple ones that come with its products will work for a while but  they always blow out and become useless. I had a pair of older Shure's and they were amazing once I had then on correctly. The bass is booming and the sound quality overall with a pair of these will make your listening experience a whole lot better. Other features include
  • Detailed Sound with Enhanced Bass
  • Sound Isolating Design
  • Speaker Type: Single Dynamic MicroDriver
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Included Fit Kit
  • Replacable/Detachable Cord
If these are anything like the ones I had a few years ago they are worth the $100. I would also like to mention I also had the Dr.Dre Beats in ear set and they dont stand a chance against a pair of Shure's, at least in my opinion. You can get a pair now over at the Shure online store.

Random Photos of The Day


Norse Projects Vintage Sport Cap

Price- $70
Norse Projects are the makers of some nice wool hats. They keep the vintage baseball cap look as the inspiration for this hat. Made of 100% wool right here in the U.S.A and an adjustable backstrap which I didn't see in the pictures so I'm guessing it must be in the inside of the hat. Either way you can check them out at Norse Projects.

Sep 13, 2012

Caviar Cartel Skull Crest Tee

Price- $32
I came across Caviar Cartel while I was browsing over at SSUR. This skull crest tee caught my attention so I thought it was worth a post. Overall great design for a tee and they kept it simple using black and white which I usually prefer over multi-colored anything. This skull crest tee is  one of a few products worth checking out over at SSUR.

Nike Air Max 1

Price - $125
If you are an Air Max 1 fan then these might be of interest to you. Done here in a grey/red colorway that works well to make a very wearable fresh pair of Air Max's. They are actually available now on Pre-order over at End.

Maxim Magazine- October 2012

Get the PDF of the latest Maxim here.

Kanye West Presents- G.O.O.D. Music - Cruel Summer

1. Kanye West – To The World (Feat. R. Kelly) 3:51
2. Kanye West – Clique (Feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z) 4:53
3. Kanye West – Mercy (Feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz) 5:32
4. Pusha T – New God Flow (Feat. Kanye West) 4:54
5. Pusha T – The Morning (Feat. Common, CyHi The Prynce, Kid 4:36
Cudi, D’banj, Raekwon & 2 Chainz)
6. Kanye West – Cold (Feat. DJ Khaled) 3:42
7. Pusha T – Higher (Feat. Mase & The-Dream) 4:34
8. John Legend – Sin City (Feat. Teyana Taylor, CyHi The Prynce, 4:28
Malik Yusef & Travis Scott)
9. Kanye West – The One (Feat. Big Sean, 2 Chainz & Marsha 5:44
10. Kid Cudi – Creepers 3:14
11. John Leged – Bliss (Feat. Teyana Taylor) 3:31
12. Kanye West – I Don’t Like (Remix) (Feat. Pusha T, Chief Keef, 4:43
Big Sean & Jadakiss)

Download Here

Random Photo of The Day

Sep 12, 2012

Ascendance [Video]

Source- TheAwesomer

Brooks Brothers Varsity Jacket

Price- $498
A goal in my life is to someday own a varsity jacket. To me they are the coolest jackets you can buy, and unfortunately the better they look the more they cost. I honestly have never seen one that was under $200 that could give a $300 and up one a run for its money. Brooks Brothers has done a nice job of putting together their version of a varsity jacket and I really like it. They keep it simple and sine Brooks Brothers makes it I'm sure its a quality jacket worth every penny. Head over to Brooks Brothers for more details.

Bart Grin by Ron English

Price- $150
Ron English has some very cool vinyl toys under his belt, and this Bart Grin is no different. The price is a little higher compared to his Tony the Tiger and Captain Cornstarch but that's just all the more reason to get one of these well you can. They are available now at Popaganda.

Air Jordan V - White/Black/Red

Beside the Air Jordan "Bred" that are set to be released in December, these Air Jordan V are on the top of my list of shoes I want. Personally these are the pair of Jordan's that I think set the standard for a fresh pair of sneakers and for the whole Jordan line in general. Set for a January 26, 2013 release and any updates I will keep you posted.

Sneaker News

XLARGE x Dissizit New Era Hat

Price- $90
One of my favorite brands X-LARGE has teamed up with Dissizit and released a couple of items that I would really like to own. This New Era fitted hat is my favorite from the collabo. I like how clever they put both of their logo's together to create X-LARGE. Genius in my books and you cant deny its a cool hat that your head would be lucky to have. I spotted them over at Calif.

Sep 7, 2012

Casa De Mi Padre [Video]

Will Ferrell talking fluently in spanish is funny at least for a while that is. If you dont want to watch the whole movie, just checking out a little piece is worth the time just to see Ferrell stay in his mexican character. For complete movie information hit up IMDB.

Sep 6, 2012

Juxtapoz- October 2012

For the latest issue of Juxtapoz click here

Sling on your sandals and visit Amsterdam’s biggest market

Amsterdam is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities Europe has to offer. Between trotting around the Van Gogh museum and having a tipple at the Heineken factory, there’s plenty to get your teeth into – literally.
With a cheese shop on every corner, and chips and mayonnaise declared a national dish, you might worry about squeezing into your skinny jeans when you get back home. Worry not: bike rental is as cheap as the chips you can freely feast on, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be getting your heart rate going on the cycle ride home.
Of course, foodies know that there’s more to Amsterdam than cheesy carbs. Any woman worth her salt will head straight to the Albert Cuyp Market in the De Pijp region of the city for an afternoon of snacking around the market.
Try samples of Dutch cheese flavoured with cumin, pesto or even wasabi at one of the many cheese stalls. Dip freshly baked bread into tapenades, rose harissa paste and olive oil. Pick up a bag of dried kiwi slices to keep hunger at bay later in the day and be sure to sample a dried orange slice dipped in dark chocolate. The orange flesh turns gooey like marmalade, and the bitterness of the chocolate complements the zesty citrus flavour beautifully.
Be sure to visit the stroopwafle man for an ooey-gooey caramel sugar fix in the form of freshly pressed stroopwafles – and don’t forget to grab a bag for the girls at work! Wash it all down with a cup of freshly squeezed juice. Jewel-coloured juices and smoothies chill in vats of ice, so even on the hottest of Dutch days you’re guaranteed to enjoy an ice cold vitamin C boost.
Be warned: it’s a long market, so comfortable shoes are essential, as is a big comfy handbag to squirrel away your stash of treats. Dune sandals are the ideal balance between fashion and practicality, and the range of styles from Dune at Very includes some real show-stopping heels for those sultry Amsterdam nights, too. Amsterdam is no stranger to the odd spot of rain, so be sure to pack something sturdier too – check out for Dune sandals, boots and more.

Sep 5, 2012

The Illusion of Depressing Love

This is a neat vinyl collectible that's the first project from Fool's Fantasy, which is a collective brand between Fool's Paradise and ZCWO. Inspired by Star Wars obviously from the storm trooper and darth vader accents. There wasn't a price or much more information but you can check it out at Plastic and Plush.

Sep 2, 2012

A Day in Rio De Janeiro [Video]

Waka Flocka Flame - Triple F [Deluxe Edition]

Track List:

1.Triple F Intro (feat. Wooh Da Kid) [Explicit]

2.Let Dem Guns Blam (feat. Meek Mill) [Explicit]

3.Round Of Applause (feat. Drake) [Explicit]

4.I Don't Really Care (feat. Trey Songz) [Explicit]

5.Rooster In My Rari [Explicit]

6.Get Low (feat. Nicki Minaj, Tyga & Flo Rida) [Explicit]

7.Fist Pump (feat. B.o.B) [Explicit]

8.Candy Paint & Gold Teeth (feat. Ludacris & Bun B) [Explicit]

9.Cash (feat. Wooh Da Kid) [Explicit]

10.Lurkin (feat. Plies) [Explicit]

11.Clap [Explicit]

12.U Ain't Bout That Life (feat. Slim Thug & Alley Boy) [Explicit]

13.Power Of My Pen [Explicit]

14.Flex (feat. Travis Porter, Slim Dunkin & D-Bo) [Explicit]

15.Triple F Outro [Explicit]

16.Inky (feat. Slim Dunkin & Wooh Da Kid) [Bonus Track] [Explicit]

17.Chin Up (feat. Slim Dunkin) [Bonus Track] [Explicit]

18.Everything I Love (feat. Future & Trouble) [Bonus Track] [Explicit]

New Era x New York Yankees CROCLIQUE A-FRAME Snapback

Price- $60
This New Era x New York Yankess snapback features a big nicely done croclique NY logo. The cost at the website I found it at is double the amount of usual snapbacks. I cant explain the reason, but my guess would be the site is located overseas in Japan. However you can still check it out at  OnSpotz

In4Mation x G-Shock Watch

Price- $130
In4Mation has released their version of a G-Shock watch that is pretty cool and the band is what sets it apart from other g-shocks. The red touch of color and the in4mation logos on the white background came together to make a nice watch. These are available now at Attic.