Oct 23, 2011

Random Photo of The Day

Snoopy Toy ‘Kaws Version’ by Original Fake

I think this is the best toy yet done by KAWS. Don't get me wrong all of his work is great I just like Joe Cool the best because the common bond of both being Joe's. If I was rich I would be able to afford one of these because that's how expensive these toy are. I don't know the price yet but its to be released some time next week check out  KAWSONE for the the update.

Source- HS

New Era x Lafayette 8th Anniversary LF Logo Hat

Price- $90
A nice release from New Era x Lafayette who joined forces for the 8th anniversary logo hat. It features a cool logo on the site and has Lafayette stitched on the back in if very clean font. If you would like more details head over to Lafayette.

Source- Strictly Fitteds

Oct 21, 2011

Messy Marv - Kontraband 2011 [Download Here]

1.) Pink Bottles and A Pretty Red B*tch
2.) She Talkin' to My Earrings
3.) Real N*gga
4.) Choose Up
5.) Black Gucci Glasses
6.) Suppasoaka
7.) When My Airplane Skid
8.) Guess What I Spent On da B*tch
9.) Million-Dolla Project Model
10.) I Hustle All da Time
11) Candy In da Summa, Minks in da
12.) Fresh Off da Corner
13.) Buggs Bunny
14) Rubberducks

8103 x Acropolis Collaboration Preview

The Acropolis Apparel team has joined forces with 8103. The outcome is some very cool tees and a hoodie. You can check out more details on the collabo which drops on November 1, 2011 over at Acropolis.

Eazy Tee by Fli Pelican

This is a cool tee from Fli Peican thats is available in the black (pictured above), red, and white. They have a few nice tees in the latest collection but this is one of my favorites. Head over to Fli Pelican for more details.

Random Photo of The Day


Fli Pelican has released their latest video for the web series that takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Oct 19, 2011

Runaway Brain

A cool video that shows you how Mickey becomes like the toy figure that you can see after the jump. Its a cool video worth checking out if you have nothing to do while online.
Source- CStore

New Era x Royal Crown Hiroshima Toyo Carp Hat

Price - $80
This is a cool hat from the collaboration between New Era x The Royal Crown Hiroshima. They used a simple old English style font for the logo and added a few touches to make the hat clean and worth wearing. Its available now over at OnSpotz.

Oct 17, 2011

Random Photo of The Day

686 ICE Hoodie

Price- $55
Since the weather should be getting cooler soon now is a good time to start looking for a good hooded sweatshirt. This is a cool one from 686 which makes a bunch of winter snow type of clothing and this hoodie above. Its available at Tactics if you would like more info.

Alife 'Life' T-Shirt

Price- $60
This is a cool tee from ALIFE that simply says 'life' on it. Simple but I like it and if you do too then head over to FUSS and check it out.

Oct 15, 2011

Random Photo of The Day

Undefeated x Converse Ballistic Star Player High

Price - $88
I'm sure I have already posted these before but I actually seen them and person and tried them on and they are hella cool. I think the collaborations between Undefeated x Converse are really dope and for only 88 bucks these are worth it. They are not like the regular Converse, these are better quality soles and come with 2 patches and three sets of rubberized laces that I have never seen before but are something you should see. Head over to Undefeated and get you a pair now.

New Era Varsity Jackets

Price -$300- $436
New Era has just released these super clean varsity jackets. They aren't just making hats these days but the price tag along with these are a whole higher. Expensive as hell but there is an all wool version that you can see below that is going for $300. I would wear the hell out of either one and you can to if you grab one for yourself before they sell out. Head over to New Era Japan now.

Source- HypeBeast

Oct 14, 2011

Master-Piece x Palm Graphics Backpack

Price - $313
Expensive this may be I really like the fact that the collaboration between Master-Piece x Palm Graphics has created what I think is one of the coolest backpacks ever. They kept the basic concept of the one front pocket and the main pocket which is what a backpack should be. Head over to Master-Piece for a look at it in blue and all the details if you would like them.

Source- High Snobiety

Nooka ZIZM TI Watch

Price - $375
Nooka has done a nice job at doing something different with the watch. Not just does the time show in a unique way on the face but the strap is made from a silicone strap for a better fit. These are available for pre sale but will ship on October 24th. Head over to Nooka for more details.

XLARGE Varsity Jacket

Price - $463
I know the price is very high on this jacket but you got to admit its cool. I really like most varsity jackets and want one for myself. I also like XLARGE so it was a no brainer that this was going to be a post. For more information head over to Calif.

Random Photo of The Day

Two Worlds - 3D Cinema Video

This is a really cool video that will show you what 3D can really do. It kind of has an Inception look to it and it cool so check it out.

Oct 13, 2011

Head of State Tee by Acropolis Apparel

Price- $25
The latest drop from Acropolis Apparel has some really cool tees in the collection. This is one of my favorites thats also available in black. Check it out at Acropolis.

"Eye On The Castle" Documentary

This video shows you what Crooks and Castles does at trade shows the one in Las Vegas to be exact for this video so check it out.

Oct 7, 2011

The Wholenine x 7Union

Price - $102
Expensive as this hat may be its hella cool and if I had the cash I would definitely buy one. The back of the hat has cool details on it you have to see. To check out the back and see all other photos as well as other colors click here. By the way if you didn't know this is a cool collaboration between The Wholenine Brand x 7Union.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs 1955-2011

You got to respect Steve Jobs. He changed the way we all listen to music and the iPhone is the phone of all phones these days. So rest in peace Steve Jobs you made your mark on history and I'm sure you will never be forgotten.

Oct 1, 2011

Hall of Fame Logo New Era Hat

Price - $45
Hall of Fame always does some very cool hats. This one is no different and they have teamed up with New Era for this fitted hat. Its already dropped and can be bought at The Hall of Fame.

Djinns Breezy I Pitching Hat

Price - $34
A cool hat by Djinns that pretty much speaks for itself. They did a nice job of mixing textures but still keeping it kind of simple. They are available right now in select sizes at en.def

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