Jun 29, 2009


Feedmil is a feed search engine featuring a spam-free, topic-focused search for a variety of feed types including news, blogs, microblogs, social media feeds, audiocasts, photocasts, and videocasts. Feedmil’s goal is to help people search feeds of interest in the most efficient and easiest possible way through the use of innovative technologies and user interfaces.

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All Music

AllMusic.fm is a large online music catalog, with free music streaming. Make playlists to share with friends.

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Almost Meet: Online Group Meetings

AlmostMeet is a free service for collaborative group meetings. AlmostMeet's focus is on small group collaboration where everyone's an equal participant. So everyone can talk to and see each other (with peer-to-peer technology like Skype), see each other desktops, whiteboard with Dabbleboard, share files, etc. So if you think you can use this then click on the link below.

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Expano:Photbucket Alternative

A safe place to store, organize and share your photos. A feature rich social photo sharing platform built with your privacy, data portability and security in mind. With Expono your photos are stored in their original formats and sizes. Your originals are kept unmodified for backup and restore purposes. Photos uploaded are location tagged automatically if they contain GPS information. You define who can see this information in your privacy settings. And there are so many other features as well.

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Amplify lets you show people exactly what you're reading and what you have to say about it. Instantly share clips from articles, blog posts or anything else you read with your friends on Twitter.

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FeedMingle makes lives simpler for web designers/developers, feed readers, bloggers, or just anyone who wants to merge two or more RSS/Atom feeds into one. It mixes all the feeds provided and creates one RSS feed, Atom feed, JSON feed, and a HTML widget to simply paste into your website or blog.

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kickfly lets you make compelling 3D virtual scenes personalized with your photos, friends, and music - just with a couple mouse clicks. kickfly has an easy set-up, clean interface and theme options. kickfly can be embedded onto any website, viewed on your desktop or shared with your friends or fans. kickfly supports many social networking and blogging platforms, including MySpace, MySpace Blogs, Bebo, Blogger, eBay, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, livedoor, LiveJournal, Piczo, and Xanga

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I really hate twitter and think its one of the most stupidest things to hit the net in a while cuz are we that bored with our lives that we must always want updates on other lifes and then really realize how sad are own really are. Well one thing I dont hate is music and I like to find new music and see what other listen to as well so thats where blip.fm comes in. Its basically a twitter for music where you see a scrolling list of peoples song choices with their short comments. As you scroll the page you can listen to the blip give props and such much like on twitter. So it is something to check out especially if you need to find some new music to listen to so check it out now.


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