Jul 31, 2009

A Cool way to Use Your PSP

I you are like me and you use Windows Vista and have always wanted to use the Sideshow application but didn't quite really understand what it did or just didn't have a device that you could use. Well if you have a PSP then you have a sideshow capable device. I thought this was one of the most coolest things I got to work when I downloaded an app called PSPdisp v0.3 whcih I believe is the latest version.  15570_PSP-Slim-01First I thought you just could see your computer screen on your PSP which is cool but not much you can do with it. Then I went into options and started looking around and saw it mentioned Sideshow and what do you know it worked and my PSP was a Sideshow device in no time. You can download several gadgets that extend onto your PSP such as Windows Mail, RSS feeds, Dice Rolling and a few others as well. I just thought I would share this with you guys since I thought it was interesting and finally a way to get use out of the Sideshow capabilities on Vista. So if you want the app head over to qj.net where I downloaded it from and get started for yourself.