Oct 22, 2009

Black People Are Racist Also!

I been  meaning to write this for some time now but if anyone saw the MTV Video Music Awards that just past then I'm sure you seen Kanye West make a complete racist  ass of himself. All I have to say is first off if Taylor swift was black I’m almost positive that Kanye would have not ran on the stage and did what he did. The only reason he did it was because she was white and beat out one of the most famous black people around. Also the video for single ladies was huge and on the internet and t..v. everywhere but Taylor Swift was also played on MTV and internet as well. For a country singer to even be nominated says something and I don’t think it out of the realm of possibilities or anything so far gone that she did win.


I also wanted to say that say if Beyonce did win and a white man went up there and said I think someone else deserved the award because they had one of the greatest videos ever made I can only imagine the hysteria that the black community would make. I’m sure they would have had the damn NAACP involved  and want to start some civil rights bullshit or some type of blown out of proportion drama that would have made me sick of hearing about in the media. But with all that said I believe when things like this happen that black people are just as racist as any

other ethnic group and maybe just as rude because how do you interrupt someone's acceptance  speech at an awards show. But Kanye got his karma and his tour got cancelled so it turns out it don't pay to be racist and damn karma is a bitch you don't want to mess with.Also almost forgot to say that what beyonce did at the end and let Swift go back on stage and finish her speech shows how cool she may just be in real life.


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