Nov 6, 2012

Fly Collection

Price- $32
Fly Collection Clothing is a new brand that's dropping their first lineup of hats. A nice snapback done in a variety of colors. The folks over at Fly Collection were cool enough to provide us with what I will call their mission statement.
Fly Collection is a clothing and accessory brand that believes being FLY does not come from what you wear. It comes from within, how you carry yourself, and the confidence that comes from knowing who you are and being comfortable expressing that.
Their first line up that was set to be released for Spring/Summer 2013 has hit the streets a little early due to the demand and interest in the product.  They decided to do a limited edition of 10 colors.  The hats can be found online and a few selected stores.
First  Love Yourself
Forever Living Young

If you would like to see the full line up of colors head over to Fly Collection