Aug 27, 2012

Stripes Clothing

Stripes Clothing is a streetwear brand that for sure is done entirely different from other brands. The tees are actually made in prison, done by inmates for everyone to wear. Here is how they explain what they are doing.
Stripes is a streetwear brand from the Netherlands that has one foot in jail and one foot in freedom. Stripes produces garments in jail to advocate the use of your freedom to the fullest. With this message we like to inspire everyone of today to become someone to look up to tomorrow. Furthermore, we stimulate specialized labor in jail. Through our production line, set up in prison, inmates regain self-confidence and gain skill to be used whenever they are given their freedom back. This will not only increase their chances in society, society as a whole will benefit from this too.
I think its a good idea and I'm excited to see more products that are said to be added in the near future. Good luck Stripes Clothing and welcome to the world of streetwear clothing.