Nov 16, 2009

Do American Indians Still Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the sides sounds like a great meal to eat on right now. I think this is my second favorite holiday meal only because I really like tamales and Christmas is the only time I eat them so they taste even better. But I wonder if Indian’s still celebrate it even though they helped start it but to me they definetely got the short end of the stick. They showed the white folks how to get food to eat and basically adapt to their new surroundings and be able to survive and grow as they were newly developed colonies.In the end we all know what happened they got screwed for their land and now get to set up Casino’s on the little bit of land they do have.

Although they are rich in ways of money I’m sure they have to feel a little uneasy about celebrating a holiday that they co-created then in a way got stabbed in the back in way that led there people into there own limited areas. But my only question is do Indians still recognize Thanksgiving and if they do has it ever ran thorough there mind that they could have been the mean ones and forced the white man into only a limited amount of space and they would have been in control instead of being somewhat betrayed by people who they thought together shared nothing but thanks for each other. If anyone has any sort of insight please share!