Nov 10, 2009

Windows 7- Highly Recommended


I am very surprised that I forgot to highly recommend one of the most talked about releases in computer world over the past months and of course I mean Windows 7. First off I want to say that I never thought that there was much wrong with Vista in the first place yeah it may have ran almost 90 processes and took forever to start up but it worked fine for me. When I bought my laptop it came with Vista Premium and I was very excited to get started and see what was new and what it could to. I was satisfied and thought my laptop ran cool by the way its a Sony VGN-AR605e. I have a 256mb Nvidia graphics and 4gb of ram even though it only uses 3 but I’m ok with that. and last but not least an Intel Core 2 Duo 7200 I think. But its the best computer I have ever owned and now I love it even more that I have Windows 7 Ultimate running very smoothly on it.. m_6799475689c0305673fa0bffed73fe6b

I would like to also say thanks to Microsoft for sending it to me free of charge all I did was have a lil get together and I got the upgrade completely free. But I first installed the 64 bit version but had some trouble with my graphics card driver. I thought it was the 64 bit that was causing the problem so I quickly reinstalled the 32 bit version but found out that the same graphics problem existed. But I am computer savvy enough to figure things out and got my graphics problem fixed and I was amazed at what a difference 7 had made. It runs no where near the same amount of processes and just runs quiet and smoothly like XP did but with the new updated look we need for today’s world. But over all I just wanted to let anyone who has been thinking about upgrading to go for it you will see a major difference and enjoy using 7 more then Vista. Although you may have to buy your upgrade I think it would be well worth the money once you see the way it runs. So what are you waiting for get the upgrade or get a whole new computer which by now should already come with it..

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