Sep 25, 2011

The Hundreds Store San Francisco

The Hundreds is one of my favorites so checking out the store was something I was looking forward to. They had the best interior design hands down mainly because it was the most different compared to the others setup. It was just a little to dark and if I actually had money to spend I don know how easy if would have been to really look through everything and really see it in good lighting. I tried to take a few photos of the inside but I was stopped by one of the workers that said they don’t allow anyone to take photos. I thought he was joking but he wasn’t and I was disappointed, I really don’t see the big deal .

If you are looking to get you some The Hundreds gear then this is the place for you, if your looking to take a photo or two this is not where you want to go. Check them out at 585 Post St.San Francisco, CA 94102 or reach them at (415) 817-9912 or online at The Hundreds