Sep 19, 2011

My Trip to Upper Playground - San Francisco

A while back I took a trip to San Francisco and visited Upper Playground. The biggest thing that sets them apart from other stores is the size. Most stores in Frisco I visited so far are fairly small and nothing compared to what Upper Playground has in terms of size.The interior of the store was cool and a lot better then the exterior which could use a little makeover to match the design of the inside. But they did have the largest selection of of tees and a good amount to choose from.
They also stock Estevan Oriel who does some fresh tees that are worth checking out. The prices for the tees were reasonable in the $23 to $30 range. Overall they are worth checking out if you are ever in the San Francisco area. They are located at 220 Fillmore Street San Francisco CA 94117 they are open everyday from 12pm to 7pm and you can contact them at [415] 861-1960.